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Man of God 6th October, 2008

Posted by Scotty in Blessings, Heart, Leadership, Life, Me, Multnomah.

This is a post that has been a long time in the making, but which I have not got round to writing, until today. Allow me to introduce you to one of my profs from Multnomah who has (and is having) a MASSIVE impact on my life. His name… Dr. John Wecks.

The funny thing is, I know that if he knew I was going to write this He would probably get semi-embarrassed at the thought and tell me that I should write about our Saviour–and I grin knowing that writing about him I can’t help but write about the Saviour.

I will never forget my first class with Dr. Wecks. He opened his Bible, held it in one hand, lifted it up in front of him and asked the question “why is the Bible the Word of God”. The class eagerly put forward answers which, though good, fell short of the mark. Each time he rebutted with something to the effect of “other religions say that about their Scriptures. Why is this one the Word of God”. After some agonizing moments trying to find the answer he grinned and said, in the manner that only he can, “Because it is the Word of God”. I sat back in my seat and thanked God for bringing me to Multnomah, and I gently took note of God’s Spirit tapping on my heart, affirming to me that this man spoke with His authority.

When I look at Dr. Wecks I see the kind of man I believe God has called me to be. As I listen to him talk about the Saviour and as I witness how he masterfully teaches God’s Word, my heart longs to grow in those areas, and to become that kind of person. What is that kind of person?

He is a man of the Word: I see in him an unshakeable trust in God’s Word. This is seen in the way he teaches it, the way he preaches it, the way he lines up his life to match what it says, and more than that, the love and respect he gives to every Word that is from the mouth of God. My heart breaks for the church when I hear him voice his fears at our anemic church, and my soul cries out to God that He would teach me to honor His Word in this way.

He is a man of Prayer: The first time I heard Dr. Wecks talk about prayer I was floored. I was challenged more than ever and once again I felt my spirit soar. Listening to him divulge the necessity of become proficient in the weapons God has given us to fight in this Spiritual War I was overcome by the urgency of this exhortation and the poor job the church today is doing. It’s an amazing experience to listen to Him preach through the Armour of God. I don’t think I had ever heard someone rhyme of so much Scripture in a prayer, so much so that when he got as far as the Sword of the Spirit, he didn’t need to explain it because he had fully demonstrated the kind of proficiency we should be aiming towards (and more!). His prayers reveal an intimacy with God and a deep level of wisdom, both of which come only by spending much time in His presence.

He is a man of integrity: This week I have witnessed him walking through some tough experiences. As a friend and I sat down together to pray for John I laughed as the words fell out of my mouth “Lord, what a humbling thing it is to come before you knowing that even as I pray this man is holding to the very convictions he has taught to his classes for the last twenty years!” And it is true. Even today as class ended and he shared with us some of the lessons God has taught him through these circumstance, we got to watch all the Scriptural principles he teaches lived out in front of our eyes.

He loves the Saviour: What do I say? God loves me more than I can ever imagine, so much so that His Son, Jesus Christ came and lived here, allowing Himself to be brutally murdered, so that I could receive the gift of salvation. Jesus lived here and taught His disciples to follow Him. Paul exhorted Timothy to “follow me as I follow Christ”. I see in Dr. Wecks an incredible love for Jesus Christ, and sitting in his classes all I can do is watch how he lives his life, and be drawn closer to God. With my eyes fixed on my Saviour Jesus, I follow John as he follows Christ.

I love when he shares stories about his interactions with his dad.  Dr. Wecks holds his dad in high esteem, showing a huge amount of admiration for the way his dad honors God, still pursuing him aged 93.  If the man I esteem holds his dad in high esteem, man, what I would give to get the chance to meet his dad.  Actually, what I would give to sit in on one of their lunch time sessions and just witness them as they glorify God together.

This year, God has granted me the privilege of working more closely with Dr. Wecks, grading papers for him. It’s an amazing learning experience to be on the teacher’s side of the coursework, but more than that, it is a blessing to get to sneak a little extra time with this man and have his love for God and His Word rub off on me some more.

It is impossible to explain just how much of an impact God has had on me through this man in just one blog entry. It would require a book, and I could probably write a whole other book about his wife Carley. John is always quick to share with us stories his wife, becoming almost childlike as he tells us about the love-of-his-life. She too embodies what it means to love and follow Christ. She too loves the Word. She too is a person of prayer. She too pours herself into the lives of the students at Multnomah!

They are an incredible couple! It is clear that God created them to do what they do, and has used them to impact the lives of hundreds if not thousands of student who have passed through their care. My experience at Multnomah would be vastly different without them. And it has been worth every penny that has been invested in my education here to get to witness someone live their life the way I believe God has asked me to live mine.

I thank God for their service at Multnomah; I thank Him for bringing me here and allowing me to sit under their instruction; I ask that God would pour out His grace over them, drawing them closer to Him; and I pray that God will continue to use them to shape me into the Man of God that He created me to be.



1. jeremy - 7th October, 2008

Dear Scotty,
I am always amazed when I come and read your blog. The fire of the Lord emanates from your words and your writing. I was really moved to awe with the quote you gave above about the bible being “The word of God” it resonated with me so strongly.

We are currently delving into the Gospels in my scripture class here at Uni. And It is such an amazing experience learning about the many layers and meanings of scripture. I am quite in awe of it all really.

You constantly challenge us to delve further into the mystery of Christ and the words of God and we are better people for your witness. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with the spirit of God that I just feel immense gratitude to be where I am, and your journey is part of that gratitude.

The M. Div sounds interesting and something I may look into after finishing my Pastoral Ministry Certificate. Keep up the faith and keep writing. You encourage all of us to be better Christians.


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