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I have a car! 27th August, 2008

Posted by Scotty in Blessings, Friends, Me, Multnomah, Support, Travel.

I have some amazing friends, and we serve an amazing God! I arrived back in Portland on Thursday to some great news. One of my friends was given a new car and looking to get rid of her old one. She wanted to know if I could use it. One of my other friends had been looking for a way to support me and so offered to pay for the insurance. And so on Sunday I picked up what is now my car. It is such a HUGE BLESSING. (Thank you God, and thank you to my two car-giving friends)

The thing I have hated about my time in the States has been my lack of freedom. I have at time felt claustrophobic because I am so used to being able to jump in my car and get away for a while. In my time in Portland I have needed to depend on other people for lifts/rides back and forth, or try and borrow a car from someone when the need arose. The whole process has been a part of the lessons in dependence that God brought me here to learn, not just having to depend on Him, but see the importance of the Body of Christ and our dependence on one another.

I am so grateful for all the times people allowed me to use their cars at some point (especially big thanks go to God on behalf of Jeanine, Monica, Cristine, Jamie, Katie, Amanda, Lance, and Joe). May He receive all the glory for your generosity. It is so great to have freedom again. It’s strange that even though I am sitting in the house and have not used the car much other than to get back and forth to school, knowing it is there waiting is such a freeing feeling. I am of course being very careful to use it as little as possible… Gas in the US might not be as expensive as it is at home, but it still eats into the wallet!

I thank God for His continual blessings.



1. amandabunn - 27th August, 2008

Your welcome!

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