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Word, Prayer, Mission: Together 16th August, 2008

Posted by Scotty in Church, Heart.

One of my favourite things about getting to be back in Scotland is being back around my church, Re:Hope. It seems like just yesterday that I met Brian in Starbucks on Byres Rd and the course of my life changed. I agreed to meet with Brian weekly to read through the Bible a book a week, and over the course of 8 weeks my life was flipped upside down as God challenged me and called me to serve Him.

Working with Brian setting up Re:Hope was a phenomenal experience and it is only because of that time that I am at Multnomah doing what I’m doing, all along with the mindset that I am being equipped to get back here to serve God some more.

The title of this block lists 4 words that make up the very simple values of Re:Hope which I don’t often see in other churches, and which I always find so refreshing when I get back here. More than just values for our church they are essential elements for any Christian who plans to be obedient to God.

Word: We have a strong value to be people of the Word. And that means knowing it. Most of the church are in BibleReadthrough groups where they read a book of the Bible each week and then come together to share the things that God spoke to them through it. I love that our church is Bible literate. I love that messages are able to dive beyond telling the story and get into the nitty-gritty challenges of the passages. I love that there are people in the church who are starting back at Genesis for the 4th, 5th… 8th, 9th… (etc.) time. We don’t just read it, but we believe that it is true, and that God requires us to bring our lives into alignment with what His Word teaches us. (I’m proud to be a part of a church like this, and a school like Multnomah, where God’s Word is foundational to all that is done)

Prayer: I love coming back to the Re:Hope prayer times. It’s amazing to turn up to a prayer meeting and have 20 Jesus-lovers calling out to God. There is so much power in prayer, and at these prayer times we hear prayers being offered up to God, and in subsequent weeks rejoice that they were answered. I hate that so many Christian organizations fail to see the importance of Prayer. I hate that I live in a world that thinks prayer is redundant. God still answers prayers today! My life is testament to that! Re:hope has a high value on prayer, believing that God hears our prayers and moves in people’s lives. We don’t just want to be a people of the Word, we want to be like the great men of faith… who are men of the Word and Prayer… following the example of our Saviour. Great things happen when God’s people pray and we attribute all the good that we have seen happening to the fact that people are praying.

Mission: Faith was never intended to be all about “me”. Jesus didn’t say to people to spend their lives focussed on themselves and developing the perfect individualistic faith. He trained people and sent them out to serve others. He himself lived a life that showed us what it is to be on mission, constantly spending himself reaching out to others.

The natural outflow of a life abiding in Christ is fruit. You don’t have to read very far in Scripture before you’re faced with the challenge to go and do. You can’t spend every day praying for God to move without being prompted to be the kind of person that you pray God would send. James tells us that faith and action go hand in hand. Re:Hope firmly believes that obedience to God requires that we take what we learn and put it into practice, reaching out to those around us in love. We don’t want to be a self-focussed church, but one that reaches out to the lost people of our nation, seeing lives transformed by the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Together: God never intended us to do this job alone. When I’m in this kind of environment the fire in my heart is hot, but it only takes a few weeks flying solo before my devotional life starts to sag. We were created to work together. We were created to serve one another and spur one another on. To live a life obedient to God we need to work together. We need people around us who will ask the hard questions when they need to be asked, and who can help us stay on track. Not only do we need to have those people around us, but we strive to be that person for the ones God places at our sides. Working together is not just the way God intended us to live, it’s how our faith thrives.

May God raise up leaders in Scotland who are committed to glorifying His name and being obedient to His commands.



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