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Lion of God 6th August, 2008

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You probably won’t be surprised to read that I have just finished another biography… and it rocked my world!  What should grab your attention however is that it has jumped way up to somewhere around the top of my books-you-must-read list.

Lion of God is the story of John G. Mitchell.  Most people haven’t heard of him, yet his legacy is AMAZING.  Dr Mitchell (Jack to his friends) is the man who started Multnomah.  He’s the man who put vision into action and created the school that I get the privilege of attending.

John Mitchell was an incredible man of God.  The biography uniquely looks chapter by chapter at different roles in his life – winner of children, mentor, husband, boss, fisherman, worker, brother, uncle, pastor, broadcaster, humorist, man of prayer, co-worker, teacher, family man – painting a very full picture of the life of Dr Mitchell.

Multnomah is known for its emphasis on the Word of God… a love that came from this man.  It is impossible to read this book and not be struck by the time he spent studying Scripture.  From his conversion onwards it was his habit to read, read, a reread scripture over and over and over again.  From his life and teaching it is clear that he knew the Word inside out, and many times during the course of the biography I could do nothing else but sit the book aside to pick up my Bible and feast.  If you want to read your Bible more (which you should), you should consider reading this book.

Not only was Dr Mitchell and incredible Man of the Word, but as will all the Great men and women of Faith, he was a man of prayer.  Some of his prayers are recorded throughout the book showing the depth of his scriptural knowledge as well as his deeply intimate relationship with God.  Dr Mitchell prayed in faith, fully believing everything he found in Scripture!

John Mitchell was a man who had his priorities right.  To find answers to faith questions he prayed for God to reveal truth while opening his Bible.  He would read from start to finish until he found the answer he was looking for, even if it meant staying up all night!  He loved much, pausing from work to invest in people, and taking time out to meet, talk with, counsel, or pray with the people who sought him out.  His heart burned to see lost souls brought into the Kingdom of Light.

But more than these, he was in love with Jesus.  Too often today we Christians get caught up in the business of life, in the responsibilities of ministry, and on our Christian “duties”.  John Mitchell was in madly and passionately in love with Jesus and everything he did flowed from there.  He poured over Scriptures to know the Saviour.  He prayed to be further intimate with Him.  He reached out in love in response to the Saviour’s work in his own life.  He took time out because he knew that is what Jesus would do.

This book was more than challenging… it was inspiring me.  As I read I was built up.  In watching this life unfold before me I was drawn closer to the Lord, and prompted to open the Word.  I saw an image of the kind of man I want to become, and of the long persevering path it takes to get there.  I was reminded often that this man who did amazing things for God was just an ordinary man like me, who had surrended himself entirely to god’s will.

Oh how I long to be someone known not for what they do, but for who they love.  I pray that like Dr Mitchell, people will remember me by how much I love Jesus.  I pray that I will be less concerned about the process of ‘discipling’ and more about teaching people to be in love with Him.  I pray that my heart will be filled with a sense of urgency for the lost.

The window into a man’s character–and soul–opens widest when he prays.  If he is familiar with the Person of God, with the Word of God, with Christian living in frailty and strength, then the depth and breadth of that familiarity will show best when he prays. (p300)

Are you in love with the Saviour?

If you compare the amount of time you spend in Word and Prayer with other interests in your life, does it reflect that love?

Fall in love with the Saviour



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