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Refreshed! 29th May, 2008

Posted by Scotty in Blessings, Friends, Me, Rest, Travel, Worship.

So, I got back yesterday from a week vacation in Antioch, California… and I feel grrreat! It was a busy week, but wonderfully refreshing to get out in the sun, let my hair down, play a lot, and best of all, be part of a family for the week. Joe and I left at 5am on Friday 23rd, and drove for 15 hours down the amazing Highway 101 to San Fransisco and then across to Antioch. I even got the joy of driving across the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was an action packed trip:

  • 15 hr drive – i enjoyed getting to drive most of the way through the amazing landscapes!
  • meeting his family and friends
  • playing with pet Iguanas (!)
  • hanging out with Joe’s brother Josh as he got ready for “prom”. (I felt like I was in an American movie!)
  • visiting Joe’s church
  • a day hanging with Joe, Eddie (his step-bro), and Jasmine (Eddie’s girlfriend) in San Fransisco.
  • a wonderful sunny day at Great America, an amusement park near San Fransisco.
  • hiking the beautiful golden hills of Contra Loma
  • front row tickets to a baseball game (A’s -v- the Blue Jays)
  • time with God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can see, we were busy, but in amongst it all was ample opportunity to rest with God reading and journaling!

It was great to get to spend time with Joe learning more about him as his family shared stories, and as I observed the place he came from. He is such a great guy, and it was a real blessing to get to spend time with him this week. I hope I get down there again before I leave America, and hope he makes it over to Scotland some day to check out where I came from.

The highlight of the trip for me however was the journey home. As Joe drove me from Antioch to Sacramento airport we stopped off to meet his pastor’s family. I enjoyed a quick lunch stop with the most inspiring couple I have ever met. In the mid-eighties, they have been married for 65 years (!) and faithfully serving God for longer than most people are alive! They served as missionaries in the Philippines, pastored churches, and raised a family who are very active in the church. They oozed godliness. They couldn’t speak without quoting God’s Words!

A few weeks ago their daughter passed away. They were filled with a profound joy because of the blessed assurance of salvation! As they shared stories, we laughed and we cried, all the while proclaiming God’s goodness and His faithfulness. I desperately desire another opportunity to meet them and hear some more of the incredible wisdom they have gained over the years.

What a legacy they have! Children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren faithfully walking with the Lord; as well as spiritual children all across the world! I long that one day I too would have such a legacy to leave behind.

As I got in the car, fighting back the tears and the laughs, I was so overwhelmed by God’s goodness and how’s these people’s lives showed it. Joe and I shared some profound minutes of silence as we reflected on their lives, and then God blessed me even more as my phone rang and I enjoyed a much longed for conversation with my mentor, Brian.

God is good. He is faithful.
May my life show that to the world until the day I go to be with Him.



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