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Stressed… 18th March, 2008

Posted by Scotty in Life, Me, Multnomah, Prayer.

stressing.jpgI think this has officially been the most stressful two weeks of my Seminary Career! I apologise for not writing much but I have been insanely busy. I need your prayers. I’m pretty drained, and I still have 2 days to go before the pressure is off and I can rest. I have a paper to finish in the morning, am preaching on Thursday night, and I’ve just undergone a 2 week academic marathon, in the middle of which was a 3 day prayer class retreat that ate away all the “free time” that I really needed to use to get my work done. It has frustrated me so much, because this week has meant that despite the great job I’ve done of managing my time, I don’t have any time to do what needs done. I’ve got plenty to blog about, so hopefully this weekend you’ll hear more from me.

In the meantime, please pray for:

  • Rest: That I would sleep deeply over the next two nights as I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately.
  • Clarity of mind: That God would allow me to think clearly as I finish off this paper and prepare my message.
  • Energy: That the Spirit would fill me with energy as I interact with people tomorrow
  • Message: That God’s hand would be on me on Thursday, and that His words would spill from my lips.


1. jeremy - 19th March, 2008

You know very well that God’s light shines upon you we all see it and you may get crazy busy and feel stressed, rest assured our prayers are with you. Do what you do best, and that will suffice, because God has gifted you in ways you have seen in the past, do you think he’d skimp on grace now?

stand tall and speak the words God gives you, I know it will be enough.


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