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Braveheart 2nd February, 2008

Posted by Scotty in Fun, Me, Multnomah.

Mel Gibson as William WallaceI have so much fun here at Multnomah! There’s times when being Scottish can be annoying (like when people don’t understand what I’m saying, or when I can’t identify with conversations because I didn’t grow up in America) but at other times it’s such a blessing! (No-one forgets me when I’m introduced as “Scott from Scotland”, and then there’s the fun I have…)

I have a class this semester called Ministry Management and Development with a really great professor called Dr. Allen Quist. I wasn’t looking forward to the class because I was under the impression it was going to be very administrative, learning legal details and all that stuff, but it’s very different. I should have known better! Yes, managing a ministry requires a knowledge of those things and so we do cover all the details, but there is a far more important principle that precedes everything we discuss – managing a ministry requires that you move in God’s direction, and so your relationship with Him must be in good condition! How can you lead people in serving God if you don’t know the direction God wants you to lead them? And how can you discern that direction if you don’t have an intimate relationship with Him? So many churches today are stagnant or dying because the leadership have lost sight of God’s will for their church!

Anyway, the real purpose of this blog was to share some fun with you. This week I got to enjoy being Scottish in a way that probably won’t leave you surprised. Last week class began like this.

Dr Quist: Can I have a volunteer to pray for the class
Me: *hand shoots up in the air*
Dr Quist: Do you prefer to go by Scotty or Scott?
Me: You can call me whatever you want
Aaron: (heckling across the class) Really?! Whatever we want?
: Yeh, so long as you don’t offend the class… and I can’t promise I’ll always respond!
*The class laugh, settle, and I pray*

After the prayer…

Dr Quist: So where is that accent from?
Me: Scotland.
Dr. Quist: I thought so… good old Braveheart
Me: (jokingly) well, if that’s what you want to call me…
Dr. Quist: I could only call you that if you had a blue face and a kilt on.

So… knowing me… what was my response????
Read on to find out…

I only have this class on Tuesday. It’s clear that Dr Quist is not only a man who deeply loves the Lord, but he also has a great sense of humour, so the following week for class here’s what I did…

Dr Allen Quist with me in my Braveheart getup!

I walked into class to Dr. Quists starled face. Very quickly a smile cracked on his face as he marched over to me, shook my hand and half talking half laughing said: “I’m so glad you’re in my class”. As it turns out, he’d written Braveheart in brackets next to my name on the class roll and was planning to shout it out when he took attendance. We laughed for a while.

This friends is one of the reasons why I love my school!



1. Katie - 3rd February, 2008

you never cease to amaze me my friend. I’m glad that we are friends and though sometimes it’s hard to know what we are talking about you always go with the flow.

I did see you in your kilt and makeup, sorry I wasn’t able to see you before hand. You did make an impression on my class. Now everyone will know who you are

2. Josh - 3rd February, 2008

Sexy Legs!

3. Tim McDonald - 5th February, 2008

I would have loved to have been on campus that day! I am sure you had a lot of “leg” comments… and what about the dress code? I am sure it doesn’t say anything about men in skir…er… kilts. Wearing make… um… war paint. FREEDOM! 🙂
grace and peace friend

4. Kariane - 8th February, 2008

Thank you for this page. I’m one of Rob’s sisters from Kentucky. He sent me the link to enjoy. It’s exciting to get to know his friends, even if it is only through the internet. Thanks for taking care of Rob!

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