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Semester 4! 11th January, 2008

Posted by Scotty in Blessings, Multnomah, Travel.
Map of USA indicating Portland

Well, I’m back! Time is flying at a pace that I can’t comprehend these days!  I walked back onto campus excitedly meeting old friends and it feels like I had never left.  I am walking around talking excitedly about Israel to everyone that will listen, and yet every now and then I fall into this confused daydream when I wonder if the last 8 months were last nights dream and that I haven’t actually left Portland!  It’s been such an exciting journey this last few years!

The journey over was great!  In the airport in Glasgow airport I was called to the departure gate desk to be told that my seat had been changed.  When I noticed the seat change I was a little disappointed because I’d checked into the emergency exit row to get a bit more space.  Then the woman informed me that I’d been upgraded to first class… and I just grinned like a trooper!  I couldn’t help praising God for the little things He does for us as He blesses us for obeying Him!  I am amazed at all the little things that I have seen Him do through this season of my life. I didn’t stop grinning the whole flight!  I don’t think I’d pay all that extra money to fly first class… but it sure is a comfortable ride!

I had a 7hr layover at Newark Airport and so decided to be adventurous and get the train into New York City seeing as it’s only 25 mins away.  And so I spent a few hours wandering around New York doing touristy things like visiting the Empire State Building, Madison Square Gardens, a stroll down Broadway, and my customary stop at Starbucks.  I had hoped I could catch a show on Broadway, but I picked the wrong day to travel for that.  I’ll keep that in mind for next time!

I’m not living on campus this year, but instead have moved in with my friend Rob who lives a 10 minute drive from the campus.  It poses some problems in terms of getting around, but once I get used to this area and work out when and where the buses come I’m sure it’ll be fine.  At the moment he’s being amazing and playing chauffeur to me.  He’s another one of the amazing measures of provision God has plopped in my path.  He was an amazing help to me last year financially, and this year asked me to move in with him for a very low rent… saving me a lot of money!  Thank you Lord for your provision and for a such a great friend in Rob.

I’m all registered for classes this semester and looking forward to it.  It’s quite a hodge-podge of topics but it’s the way it has to work this time!  I’ll be taking:

  • Ministry Management and Development
  • Pre-marital and marital councelling
  • Prayer (I’m really exicted about this one)
  • Church History
  • Greek (There’s a couple of things still to sort out about this class but hopefully I’ll get that worked out this morning)
  • Internship

It will involve a lot of hard work, but I’m looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into it!
I’m excited to be back… I love where my life is at… and I am thoroughly enjoying the adventure that I’m on!  I can’t wait to see what lessons God has planned for me this semester.



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