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It’s time again… 6th January, 2008

Posted by Scotty in Me, Travel.

life_pics.jpgIt’s that time again… time to say goodbye to my life in Scotland and to head back to my life in Portland! I fly out early on Tuesday morning and arrive there late on Tuesday night. I have to say that I’m excited.  It will be great to see the friends I said goodbye to 8 months ago, and amazing to return to school having a new set of experiences shaping who I am and the way I do things.

I love my life! I really do! Travelling back and forth encourages me to stop and evaluate each season of my life as they each come to and end… and even though each season has its lows to go with the highs… I love what I am doing! New Year’s Day is another one of those times when we all find ourselves reflecting on what has gone on over the past year.   Last new years day I found myself reflecting on the amazing ways God had been working in my life, and this year was no different.

I finished my first year at seminary… I made some incredible friends… I worked hard… I loved hard… I went to Israel… I met an amazing girl… I spent time in Dubai with my dad… I had some quality time with some old friends… I’ve grown physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually… I love God more… I feel more secure… I memorized more Scripture…  I watched God provide for another year at school…     the list goes on!

Over this last week I have met up with loads of people and been able to spend hours talking about what God has been doing in my life.  I shared stories of the places I’ve been, the lessons I’ve learned, the people I’ve spent time with, and the ways God has moved throughout it all.  People enjoy listening and I often hear them remark on how much it appears that I am enjoying what I am doing.

The truth is… I do!  I love my life!  I love the path I’m on.  I love being able to serve Him.  I love the way God is providing for me.  I love His healing touch in my life.  I love the people He has placed around me… even the ones that often grind against me.  I love the challenges I am being set, the lessons I am learning, and the goals I am achieving.  And on top of it all, I love knowing that my success is not determined what I do, but by allow God to shape me into who has called me to be.

My life is not trouble-free.  It not all a bed of Roses, and if fact, I sure get jagged by the thorns!  Yet I press on knowing that God is in control, eager to see what is next in store for me!



1. Joseph Garibay - 7th January, 2008

I’m so stoked that you’re coming back! It’s gonna be great : )

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