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The Baggage Saga Continues 27th September, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Life.

As the title says, so the saga continues. We’ve called and called and called and had no response. We visited the airport but to no joy, and so on Sunday we decided to pay a visit to the Israir office in Tel Aviv and see if we could speak to someone in person. And we did!


We spoke to one of the girl who works for Israir and deals with the baggage. I watched as she reached to the 18″ stack of papers on our desk to look for ours… it was 5th from the bottom. As she looked through our paperwork and asked us questions I got the feeling that we were being fed the “standard answers” and to a degree being told what they think we want to here.

After some discussion we managed to get her assurance that she would make some phonecalls to chase up our luggage. And in fact she began to make some of the calls while we were there.

We’re now on day 26 of our trip and I still have no luggage… The airline policy states that our luggage is now officially “lost”. After 21 days they consider your luggage lost and begin the compensation process. I was glad to hear that even though they begin the compensation process, they will continue looking for our bags and they’ll be returned to us when they are found.

Israir have a flat-rate compensation of $26 per kilo. I’m not sure what weight my bag was but I’m pretty sure that won’t cover the contents of the bag, as well as the inconvenience of two trips into Tel Aviv, and of having to survive here without the necessities.

However, for those of you, who like me had no idea how travel insurance works… the airline has a set amount of money they can compensate each person. There is however more money on top of that which is available to be claimed. So, if you don’t have travel insurance, you get the standard, but with travel insurance they claim the extra from the Airline company. Fortunately I have travel insurance and so I’ll be claiming through them too. Monica didn’t buy individual travel insurance, and so I’m hoping that the credit card I booked our flights with has an insurance policy included so that she can claim for the bag of hers that is still missing.

It puzzles me how a bag can go missing, although when you consider the number of bags that travel without a problem it is not surprising that there are a few that get mixed up.

It’s been an interesting process as I have explored my heart and my response to losing my bag. I had no idea I had an attachment to my material possessions. Even still, the thought of not having the things that are in my bag is annoying. But in reality, it’s just “stuff”. There’s nothing in there that is vital to life. There is nothing in there that was irreplaceable (I did however have my blanket in there that Shauna made me earlier in the year, which is probably the thing I’m most annoyed about not having).

God is providing. I have clothes! Just last night one of the guys who lives off campus gave me a brand new pair of zip-off hiking trousers that had been given to him but don’t fit. Several of the guys have lent me shorts, t-shirts, socks, flip-flops… so all that I really lack is convenience of having my own things, and the oh-I’m-so-vein desire to be in clothes that I look good in! It’s amazing how something as silly as loosing a bag can be used by God to teach you things that live secretly in your heart.

I praise God for teaching me lessons and I rejoice in the fact that He has clothed me. I give Him praise for all the times I have traveled and had my bags arrive safely (at the worst they’ve been delayed a day or two).

God is good, He is faithful, and His love endures.



1. Katie - 28th September, 2007

I am glad that you are dealing with this situation calmly and with total optimism. I do know how that feels, losing a bag (haha) and being in the state of the unknown. However, I am glad that God has blessed you with people who are willing to lend out their clothes. I hope that you get your blanket that Shauna did make for you because I know it was one of your favorite pieces of yours.

2. The Colonel - 28th September, 2007

Hey. I have your stuff in Portland. Do you want me to send anything to you?

3. JJ - 11th October, 2007

Baaaaaagh! That’s me empathizing:-). Glad you’ve got some clothes…

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