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Cafe Monica 24th September, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Family, Friends, JUC.

cafemon.jpgSo, this is the other positive thing about the baggage situation.  Once more we made the most of the trip to Tel Aviv and spent the day at the beach… swimming in the warm Mediterranean Sea… or soaking up the sun on the beautiful sandy beach!

Upon leaving the Israir office, we turned round and saw something fun… Cafe Monica!  What are the chances of that?  When I was back in Portland, Mon and I would head to Starbucks at least once a week to hang out, do homework, and chat a bit.  It became our regular thing which we haven’t done since I left.  So, we decided to take the opportunity to jump in and enjoy a “coffee date”.

It is a really nice coffee shop!  It’s decorated the way Mon would decorate a coffee shop!  Cosy yet Classy!  The waitress was really pleasant and stopped to talk with us a little while.

When we were leaving we asked for directions to the beach, wondering whether we should get a bus or a taxi, only to find out we were one street away from the beach.  To further the irony of the whole baggage situation, we walked down onto the beach to find that from the beach you can see the sign on the Israir office, and that the week previously we had been hanging on the beach about 200 yds from where the Israir office was.  If only we’d known.

If it wasn’t for the baggage situation, we’d never have found this… Cafe Monica!  I’m pretty sure we’ll be back there.

As I write this, I’m sitting in Bethlehem in what is now my new coffee shop study spot.  We head into Bethelehem twice a week for our Arabic class, and so I decided each Thursday I would come and read in the coffee shop for a couple of hours before I head back to school.  It’s called Cafe Sima… you should pop on the website.

What a priveledge it is that I get to explore Cafe Sima and Cafe Monica, coffee shops situated in “the Promised Land”!  How easy it is to take this for granted!



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