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Kicking Off 6th September, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Heart, JUC, Leadership.

So, it’s all starting to happen. I have class tomorrow morning and that will be me had all my classes. I’m signed up for 5 at the moment:

  • Physical Settings of the Bible
  • Archeology of Jerusalem
  • Christian Communities in the Middle East
  • From Jewish Jesus to Christianity
  • Arabic I

It’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m fairly excited about it. The Physical Settings class is base around a series of field studies. For example, I have an 11hr class on Sunday! We leave at 7am, and spend the day walking around Jerusalem looking at the significant sites and learning about them. In between trips we have normal 2 hr classes where we do all the in between work to prepare us for the field.

As I wrote before, I’m loving Arabic. I’ve wanted to learn it for such a long time and so just like when I learned piano aged 16… I’m soaking it up. We have the added bonus of being able to head down into the Old City and practice the Arabic by speaking to the shop owners. A couple in particular now consider themselves my tutors! Our teacher Salwa enjoys the class so much she’s extended it by an extra half hour!

Phil and JackThe other things are kicking off now too. I’m part of the committee that organises the “vespers”. The Friday night worship times for the students and staff. On top of that, two great guys here, Phil and Jack, have asked me to do the Bible Readthrough with them, so we’re starting that on Monday and doing it in a slightly different format from usual. We’re only gonna look at the New Testament (because it fits in better time-wise, and also because most of our study here focuses on Old Testament). I’m excited about that, as you can imagine. It’ll be great to hear how God moves them through His Word. The plan is to do one gospel each week, plus one of the letters. Which means we’ll have gone through the gospel 3 times by the time we get home.

Most people who know me well, know that I love working with college/university aged people. And so, no surprises that I really love the undergrads here at JUC. And have spent a lot of time with the undergrad guys. I am gonna be working alongside a married couple who live off campus, running a Wednesday night time for the undergrads which will include some music, bible discussion and reflection, prayer, and general hanging out and pastoral care. I’m excited to see how these things shape the people here, and deepen the relationships that are already beginning to flourish.

I love knowing that before Creation was set in motion God had planned out all the experiences and events in my life that would lead me here. He did the same thing with every person who is at JUC this year, so that as part of His plan, we would get to meet and learn from one another. I know that this time in Jerusalem is just God further setting the foundations for my future, whatever that may look like



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