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Jerusalem and Religion 2nd September, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Life.

The last few days have found me pondering the Spiritual Climate of Jerusalem. What do you think it would be like?

God loves this place.  He chose this land as the “promised land” for His people.  He chose this to be the place His presence would dwell with His people in the temple, and then chose to come and live as a man, wander these lands and lay down his life by the walls of Jerusalem.

All through Scripture we read the continual cycle… God and the people are in a relationship.  They reject God for other religions.  God punishes them.  They repent and turn back to Him.  Well, that is the Spiritual Climate I feel here.

The City itself is split into four quadrants: christian, jewish, armenian, and arabic.  And so even in that we see that there are various religious spirits at work in this city preventing them from knowing the truth.  The skyline is broken up by churches, mosques, synagogues… the shops are littered with religious artifacts… and the streets and sites are full of people venerating places, objects, false gods, and generally running through the routine of their religion.

In my personal devotions I feel the spiritual battle that is going on here.  I feel closer to God through my romanticism… thinking about Him looking at the sky, walking these streets, smelling this air.  But to get there, I have to battle through what I can only describe as an almost-spiritual-apathy.  And I hadn’t expected it.

It makes sense that there would be demonic powers influencing this city.  After all, the place where His temple was built… the city that was destroyed as the Israelites were exiled… and the site of so many religious wars over the years.  Within this I feel that I’m gaining an understanding of the people Christ was coming to, and the reason He stood outside the city and wept.  I can begin to comprehend the difficult spiritual dynamic He chose to enter into, and the opposition that eventually murdered Him.

I look forward to the rest of the time I will have here.  I’m going to be intentional about prayer walking the city, and extra intentional about scheduling regular private and community devotional times.

No matter what your political/religious/theological stance is when it comes to Jerusalem and to the Israelite nation, this is a broken city, and these people need God.  Please pray for them.  That God would continue His work in winning them over to Him.



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