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RoadTrip! 1st August, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Friends, Mission, Rest.


Last week I was extremely busy looking after this wonderful group of people. From left to right they are Jodi, Brandon, Drew, Sarah K, Seth, Shawn, Hannah, Alex, Janessa, Luke and Sara.  They came over for a NieuCommunties Beyond Borders Road trip.  It’s a 1-2 week mission trip crossed with a spiritual retreat; a chance to explore the ministry of CRM, while taking time out to visit a country, submerge into that culture, and walk a path of self-exploration and self-discovery. 

It was great having this team here.  They were awesome people, and it was really clear that God had directed them all to Scotland at a very strategic point in their lives.  Over the course of the week we watched God working in them, calling people into a deeper relationship, filling them with a holy discontentment about their current life situations,, and in some cases, leading them to or confirming their calling.

Do you need to take time out?  Do you need to stop and spend time with God?  Are you dangerously “comfortable” in your daily walk with God?  Do you need to step beyond the borders of your own life and experience a God who is still moving?

It has been a great time for me too, watching God work in their lives and being reminded of so much of my journey over the last few years.  God used this week to further reiterate my calling, to build up and encourage me, and to bless me with a new group of wonderful friends. Each one of these people impacted me in some way.  I will be praying for them all as I keep in touch to hear how God is moving in their lives.  Join me in praying for them:

Father, I thank you for each of the RoadTrippers, and for your work in their lives.  It’s amazing to watch you work, pouring your love over your children.  I thank you for the things you challenged them to and pray that you would pour your Spirit upon them, granting them the discipline to see those challenges through to completion.  You know their needs individually and so I ask that you would meet them in those needs.  Thank you for these friends.  In Jesus’ mighty name I pray.  Amen



1. drew moser - 1st August, 2007

Amen! It was a great trip. Thanks Scotty

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