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Fundraising Concerts 1st August, 2007

Posted by Scotty in JUC, Multnomah, Support.

Well, it’s that time again. I have 2 fundraising concerts planned for before I head off.


I’ve did two concerts last year to help with my fundraising, and they provided a large percentage of what I needed. If you haven’t been at one of my concerts before, you’re in for a treat! It’s a mix of classical music, show tunes, and popular music. They’ve been thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who has attended so far.

I need YOU! I need people to sell tickets for me, I need people to come! and more importantly, I need people to pray. It doesn’t matter how much planning I put into my fundraising events, without God’s hand at work, they are worth nothing. Prease pray for His blessings over the concerts.



1. drew moser - 3rd August, 2007

wish we would come! blessings on the concerts brother.

2. Joseph Garibay - 3rd August, 2007

Oh how I wish I could be there! Have an awesome time and I’ll be praying that the Lord sends some very generous people to your show! : )

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