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Back to Basics 14th June, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Bible, Heart, Me, Prayer, Spirituality.

325752626_69392aa6b11.jpgThere’s always more time for Him. That’s the thought that brought me home last night and let me to sit out in the gazebo praying and journalling for hours into the small hours of this morning. It’s a conviction that led me to write the longest journal entry I’ve ever written, at least doubling my previous record of 4 pages in tiny writing.

So much is happening in my life at the moment. I’m back in familiar territory, and finding myself around a mentor who knows how to push me. As soon as I spoke with Brian the first day I saw him after being back on Scottish soil I was reminded of why He has become so influential in my life: Almost every word He speaks to me encourages me while gently pushing me to my limits. I’m back only 2 weeks and already I am seeing my newly learned skills being utilized, and me facing fresh challenges which, only with God’s anointing, will I be able to rise to and accomplish well.

Although I have no set schedule, I am busy. There’s church, leadership meetings (and all the wonderful tasks assigned to me), there’s family and friends to spend time with, support letters to write, fundraising to do, and as well as that, a job to find to enable me to afford both to be here, and to do the next year of school.

One thing I have learned over the years is that the quality of my personal time with God diminishes when my schedule is not set. I work best if I can get up early and have significant time with God, and I really dislike having to snatch time here and there through the day instead. Nevertheless, I try hard to stay on top of my time in communion with the Lord.

Last night, I visited some friends who have been a wonderful support to me over the years. As I sat and spoke with the dad in the family, I listened to him delicately pour out years of wisdom, lessons in patience and trust, story after story of great men of faith and their dependence on God, and the moments in their life when things just didn’t seem to come together. This is one such time for me. God is on the move; His Spirit is at work. All around me I see things falling in to place making sense of the next few years of my life, but there are still huge gaps in the jigsaw puzzle. The seemingly simple and straight forward is not falling into place, but the impossible is on the brink of being accomplished!

The conversation was centred around my hunt for a job, and the two or three “sure fixes” falling through. My heart begins to race with quesitons:

  • Am I trying to find a job on my own strength?
  • Does God even want me to have a job for the summer?
  • Is looking for a job a way of showing that I don’t believe God could provide financially for me to be here for the summer AND for the next year of school?
  • Am I not trying hard enough?
  • Where is the line between Complete trust and Complacency?

And as I spoke with Adam I found my mind wandering off. In only one second I walked back through the process of applying to Multnomah. I was sure that God was leading me there, but so much uncertainty filled my mind, and so I broke the process down. The conversations went something like this:

  • Do you want me to do this? I will email them and find out more information, and if it’s not your plan then don’t let them email get to them. They received it
  • I’ll get them to send out information. If this is not your plan God, then have it that they don’t send the catalog/prospectus overseas. It arrived
  • I’ll pray about it. If you don’t want me to apply, take away any desire I have to go here. It got stronger.
  • I’ll apply. If this is not your will, then prevent me from being accepted. They questioned my application.
  • Ok, maybe you don’t want me going. If you want it, smooth over these hurdles, if not, then prevent me from going. The issues were resolved and they accepted me under “exceptional circumstances”.
  • (etc etc etc)

hands-folded-in-prayer-799927.jpgI was struck by the fact that the process was marked with so much prayer and so much attention to His Word. As the second passed, my mind flicked back to Adam’s words and as He spoke I felt convicted. I have committed nowhere near the amount of prayer I should have into the summer’s efforts. I was depending on people to sort the job, assuming it was God’s will, rather than trusting in Him to organise things for me. Maybe that will be trusting that He will provide funds for the summer, and maybe those funds will come in the format of a job.

I was led right back to the basics… the things that people hear me talk about more than anything:

The importance of being saturated in the Word and in Prayer in order to discern God’s will.

There is always more that can be done! We see all the great men of faith spending hours of prayer over major decisions, and still significant prayer on the lesser matters. A pattern they learned from the Saviour themselves as they scroll through the pages of the gospels. God has spent the last few years calling me to live a life that is marked by soaking up His Word and bathing in His presence.

It is amazing to me that a formula so simple and so foundational to the life I live could find itself pushed to the side even if ever so slightly. blocks.jpgI am disgusted that the simple answer “pray more” escaped me! In response, I arrived home, I grabbed my journal, my bible, and my extremely cosy birthday-present-jacket, and sat out in the garden. I came into the throneroom of my Father repenting of the fact that I had become content with my devotional life if even just for a moment. I threw myself at His feet and rejoiced that He will always call me to go the step further, to give Him an inch more. And so I prayed and wrote until my hand was cramping.

Why am I saying this? Is it so that I look great… no. Do I want congratulations on my spirituality. Certainly not. Instead, I want to exhort you that even if you are spending hours a day a prayer, there is always more time. Even if you memorize chapters of scripture a day, there’s always one verse more. Even if you give youth tithe to the church, there’s always £1 more. I am saying this because in the routine of life with God I had, for a few moments, convinced myself that I was doing my best.

Let us not be content with “good”… let us strive for excellence.



1. jonesy24 - 14th June, 2007

I recognise some of this…

2. Mon - 15th June, 2007

Praying for you…

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