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The Challenge 4th June, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Multnomah.

mwi11320059.jpgThe challenge is here: I have 3 months to raise £12,000 ($24,000). Or, to put it in scarier terms… I have to raise a little less than £1,000 a week!

If I was thinking from a purely “me” standpoint, I’m looking at an impossibility. I don’t have anywhere near that amount of money available to me, and I don’t have the ability to raise that amount in such a short space of time. But when I approach it from a “God” standpoint my fear is joined by courage. Yes, it’s my challenge, but it’s also God’s! And I serve a God who enjoys proving himself to the people who seek Him.

Last year I watched as my bank slowly went from £0 to £10,000+ and so I get on my knees once again and I pray:

Father, I trust that you are in control. You have made my calling clear. I believe that you want me at Multnomah, and I believe that you are a God who provides. As much as I am scared, I have courage because I have seen you provide before and know that you will do it again. Show me your glory, and show your glory to the people around me! Astound me by your provision, and in the process increase my faith! My life is in your hands, do with me as you choose!



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