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Rest and Retreat 24th May, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Fun, Me, Rest, Spirituality, Worship.


As school was drawing to a close I knew that I was in need of a rest. Some form of retreat that would allow me to sit back and relax, and to detox from a year of tough schooling before heading home to a busy summer of work and fundraising. My flight back to the UK requires me to stop on the East Coast, and so the plan very quickly became that I would stop off in Kentucky on the way home, to stay with Justin’s family for a week at their new Lakeside home.

God showed up again! As I looked into flights, not only would it be easy enough to fly into Nashville for a week before flying back, but it would also be £200 cheaper at that time, than the way I usually fly back and forth! I took that as a sign that Lake Barkely was the place to be.

I had grandiose ideas as to what the “retreat” would look like, early rises, hours praying and reading my bible, and time hanging with Justin and his family. But, God knew exactly what I needed and so it looked very different: Sleeping late, lying in the sun, swimming, rowing on the lake, baby-turtles, speed boat riding, movies, late night prayers… everything that could possible leave me rested.

It was everything I needed. Justin’s family are amazing. They took care of me as if I was one of their own, and on a few occasions I was a little watery-eyed as his parents introduced me to people as their “other son”, or said that they expected me to come visit as often as I could. It’s an amazing feeling to be so accepted into someone’s family. My times with Justin were fantastic, and if they did anything, they purely solidified the work that God has been doing between us. There is a real bond forms between two people when you pray so often. Almost every night for a year we have been interceding for one another. Long may it continue. It’s great too, to see someone in their home environment. It’s so cool to watch his family, and from that to see where Justin gets his quirks and how he has ended up the way he is.

Speed Boat riding! Wow! It was a treat! Flying across a lake, boat rocking up and down, sun beating down, wind screaming through my hair, and a best-friend at my side singing away. All I could do was sit back and praise God for bringing me to a place that was so relaxing.

One of the best days, I sat down on the dock, the sun was trying it’s best to roast my skin, while the cool breeze was trying to put out the flames! The dock rocked back and forth as the waves caressed it. Birds sang overhead, young ones splashed about in the water, Justin and his bro rowed out on the canoe, the women were all out on the boat, turtles poked up their head every now and then for air, and a baby turtle tried to escape back into the deep of the lake. I sat in the sun, and I journalled after spending time memorizing the next chunk of Paul’s letter to the Romans. I sat, uninterrupted and rejoiced in rest!

God knew what I needed. He gave me a week of pampering, to allow me to get back here refreshed. He increased a friendship blowing me away with just how deep they can get. He blessed me with another family who I can love as my own, and who welcome me into their arms. He showed me beauty that I didn’t know existed as I floated on His sea. He had me dreaming aloud thoughts of my future. And He provided for me as He has done so often as I embarked on this overseas adventure.

I’ve got a funny feeling that Lake Barkley KY could be a regular stop off place for me as I zip back and forth across the Atlantic. I thank God for letting me rest. I thank the Gunter’s for being God’s instrument in doing that. And I thank Justin for loving me like a brother.



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