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Fire 12th April, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Books.

Extract from “Fire” by Paul Louis Metzger.

fire.jpg“God is a fiery, passionate, jealous lover. Like fire, God is not someone or something to play with, but God is someone to enjoy. And God will leave his mark on each of you at some point, one way or another, and it will last forever. Unlike some other lovers, though, God does not want to burn you, but to consume you with his fiery love and make you whole.”

This is from an article that we were discussing in class which talks about God’s love for us but in the context of casual sex. Sound weird? The paper discusses the lasting effects, the emotional scarring that happens as a result of casual relationships. Many people don’t realise that the intimacy they have outside of marriage is causing their heart to become calloused. I had been reflecting on stages way before sex, even in the initial stages of emotional attachment to people. I have watched people getting hurt badly by the way they tend to invest all their heart in a person.

Anywayz, I loved Metzger’s description here of God’s love for us. Many people talk of God’s love, of how much He cares for us, of His desire to be in a relationship with Him, but how many times do you think of God as a jealous lover… jealous for your heart! He is pursuing you because He loves you with a fiery passion! Is your heart responding to His love, or are you satisfied with the “cheap fix” you get from the temporary relationships around you?

Give everything to Him. Invest your love in only one who can give healing to your hurting heart! Don’t get me wrong… God will burn you! He will set your heart on fire for Him… and He will put you through a fire… refining you. It’s not an easy road at times, but it’s an exciting journey! Are you ready for the most incredible love available? Are you waiting to be swept off your feet? Allow Him to mark you…



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