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Out of the overflow of the heart… 10th April, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Heart, Prayer, Worship.

heart_2.jpg It’s a great thing to be overwhelmed by God’s love, and even more amazing to see the effect it has on your every day existence. It’s no secret that I love God, to my detriment at times it would seem, but there are days and seasons where I get overwhelmed. In moments of despair, there is one thing I never doubt… that God loves me, and through struggles and pains I love Him all the more. Then when I receive blessings I can’t help but love Him more, funnily enough, it’s the normal everyday things in between where it’s often hardest to love God the way we should, which was part of why I made this blog in the first place… because as I walk through my day I’m more conscious of what God is doing around me, and then able to share that joy with others.

At the moment I am overwhelmed by how much God loves me. I sat at church yesterday sandwiched between two people… Justin on my right, and Monica on my left. All I could think about what how amazing these friends are. As I participated in the Easter service and reflected on the fact that Christ is alive, and chasing after my heart, I was suddenly struck by how he loves me through these people.

They have been amazing blessings to me since I got here, supporting me through good and bad, and loving me even when I’m not being the most lovable person. God has been using them both this semester to really heal and shape me in so many ways. I got overwhelmed by his love.

Then my mind started wandering to some of my other relationships here, my new friendship with Colin, Safeway Joe… through a whole list of friends on campus. Then I thought about Scotland, and some of the really significant people there… Brian and the amazing work there over the last couple of years, Mark, Stu, my family… on and on through my friends, my supporters… I’m overwhelmed at how God loves me.

So what? Well… I’ve been finding it difficult to control my tongue. I’m constantly telling people I love them… I can’t stop thanking God for the people He’s placed around me, despite the fact that I don’t deserve it… I’m think I’m even at the point of over-hugging people!

What are the things in your life that you should be getting overwhelmed about? What are the simple blessings that you’re overlooking? When was the last time you told you friends/family how much you care? And when was the last time you thanked God for the guy down the street that smiles every morning when you pass?

God is good! Allow yourself to see that in the people around you.



1. agnosticatheist - 10th April, 2007

God is good! Allow yourself to see that in the people around you.

Great quote.

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