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Happy Birthday to Me… 24th March, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Me.

CakeThursday 22nd March 2007 saw me spending my birthday away from home for the first time! It’s official… I’m now 23! It was a bitter-sweet day. As one of my cards said: “It is great to see that this birthday finds you in wholehearted pursuit of the calling God has clearly placed on your heart”. Those were uplifting words to read as the clock changed to the first minutes of my day. I pray that every birthday will find me chasing after the dreams God has laid on my heart.

I was a strange feeling being away from my friends and family and not getting to enjoy the usual Burns family traditions, and to be hugged by my family as the clock rolled from 11:59 on the 21st to 12:00 on the 22nd. It was a normal day at school, with classes till 2.30pm… an afternoon in the sun talking to Scotland and Dubai on the phone, and then out for dinner in the evening with 3 of my closest friends here on campus.

ants_hair.JPGThere were some pleasant surprises… an apple pie delivered to my door early in the morning by Monica as she grinned at having made me my favourite desert. Being blindfolded as a gift was laid around me (literally around me… it was a jacket), and someone shaving my “S” logo into the back of their head! It was awesome…

Justin, Monica, Story (Cristine) and I went out for Indian food where I ordered the hottest thing on the menu. It was a strange experience. It wasn’t hot in my mouth… instead… it burned the lips off me. My palette was fine, but I had to keep trying to cool my lips which looked like I was wearing lipstick! It was fun!

Then home to sit and pray with Justin as we closed off my day. God, as hard as it is on these “special days” to be away from the people I have always celebrated with, I thank you in Justin’s words for “giving me a family here at Multnomah”. May I always be found running into your arms!



1. Joseph Garibay - 27th March, 2007

I remember my fisrt birthday away from my family. It WAS a bitter-sweet time…glad you had an awesome day man! Big Scotty is 23…WOOT WOOT! : )

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