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My Blanket!!! 23rd March, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Blessings, Friends, Fun, Me.

I have realised I never did get round to posting about one of the most incredible gifts that was given to me. Shauna Luse is wife of my pastor here, Brian. Way back when I first moved here, she was making a blanket for her daughters birthday and we got into a conversation about things from our childhood. She asked if I ever had a “blankie” and my answer was no. She looked at me with total surprise on her face muttering the words “we’ll need to change that”.

I completely forgot about it, but then a few weeks ago they invited me over for dinner and presented me with this:

My Blanket

My very own blanket. She’d been working on it for a good few months! My favourite colours… The most amazing and complicated stitch work. Personalised to include my “S” emblem… 2 of my tattoos… and one of my favourite portions of Scripture in both English and Hebrew!

The picture doesn’t really do it justice… If you wanna see it, come and find me. It’s gonna travel with me and be on my bed wherever I go… so in America, it’s here… in Scotland… it’ll be coming soon… I’m not aware of anyone ever spending so much time making a gift for me. I was amazed! I am amazed! Thanks Shauna!!! (oh… turns out she has the same birthday as me!)



1. jonesy24 - 17th April, 2007

I recognise a few of these. That’s your tattoo! haha.

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