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Medford Moments 19th March, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Blessings, Friends, Rest.

Scott, Monica & JustinSo, I went away for the weekend and it was Great! There’s been a lot going on at school at the moment, particularly interpersonally and so a few of us were in need of a break. Monica, one of my closest friends here in Portland asked Justin and I if we fancied going home with her for the weekend. We say “YES!”

It was a great drive. Medford is 4.5 hrs south of school, driving up hills and through valleys adorned with green… much like the north of Scotland at so many points. With Justin asleep in the back Mon and I chatted away as I enjoyed the homelike scenery.

We got to Medford to meet Mon’s family, who were all great. It was such a pleasant stay. It felt good to be living in a family house, with people doing things that aren’t Multnomah. At one point I even got to help Monica’s mum with some math homework she had. I’m glad my math days came to an end.

I resolved not to study! LoL. We were away Saturday to Monday, and had exams Tuesday and Wednesday, but I needed the rest and had to trust that not studying would be healthier for me in the long run. We had a lot of fun…frisbee in the park, hanging out in the local tv station watching live broadcasts (one news reporter came in wearing sandals and cargo shorts on the bottom, and his suit jacket shirt and tie on top. You’d never have known that watching the news!), homecooked dinners, mexican food, crazy golf (put-put for all you crazy americans), and a DOG to play with! It was an awesome weekend.

There were a couple of highlights. We went to a church called New Song! It was awesome! They did about 45 mins of music at the start, led by a really tight band, and a girl with a pretty incredible voice. They covered so many of my old favourites as well as doing some newer ones that I’m going to have to add to the repertoire! It was so refreshing, because most of the time since I got here, it’s been me leading the worship. Then, the guy speaking was fun, his English accent and funny British jokes (at which I was the only one laughing) really lifted my Spirits. Especially when he told a joke and commented on the fact that his Scottish buddy was the only one who would find it funny. So… good music and a sermon “shout-out!” How refreshing. lol.

The biggest highlight though was Sunday night. The three of us lay out in the back yard on the giant trampoline… star gazing… and sharing stories. Within 60 seconds, we saw the biggest, longest, brightest shooting star I’ve ever seen. It got cold, and so I cocooned myself in a blanket and lay half-sleeping, half-praying as Justin and Monica talked the hours away.

So, I’m back, I’m refreshed and ready for the next 7 weeks of school! Thanks God for meeting me so profoundly under a starlit sky with my two closest seminarians!



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