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Work in Progress 15th March, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Life.

Sculpt YourselfA couple of days ago, after a conversation I had with one of my dearest friends, I realised that I hadn’t blogged explaining the meaning of my blog title “Work in Progress”. It was that same friend might I add, from whom I got the phrase a good two or three years ago.

People have a habit of judging others. I do it… and you do it! There’s days when we’re better at it than others, and also days when we’re really good at judging ourselves. But… we have no right… only God has the right to judge.

When you look at someone and critique them, we have to remember that that person is one of God’s finest creations! They might not seem that great in the moment, but God loves them, and hand-crafted them. I’m pretty sure God doesn’t look at them and think “man, they’re so messed up”, he looks at them and sees the person they are going to become. I’m sure it was the same with Da Vinci. If he’d look at his painting partially worked on, but thought of it as the finished product he most likely would have quit. But with every brush stroke he was working towards the finished product in his mind. It (we/they) are an unfinished masterpiece, or… a work in progress.

It helps to keep this in mind when working with people. Don’t look around and pick out people’s flaws… they are small things God is slowly chipping away at as He sculpts them into the image He has in mind… His image: Jesus Christ!  Look at people with His eyes and see not what they are, but what they are becoming.  Do you like being judged?  Would you rather people focussed on your problems, or on your potential?

There’s another side of this that is important to remember.  And this is probably the area I struggle with more than any… I am Work in Progress.  I am guilty of being extremely hard on myself as I’m sure most of my friends will tell you.  I have been working on the grace to remember other people are being shaped, but so often forget it about myself.  I was reminded recently “it’s not about whether you screw up or not… but about where your eyes are fixed”.  And my eyes are fixed on Jesus… not on His death… but on His resurrection.  He rose from the dead to give us freedom!  This isn’t just restricted to our sins… but means freedom from the hurt and pain cause by the sins of others!

My eyes are on Jesus!  I run after Him with my mind, soul, heart, and strength.  Every now and then I’ll mess up along the way, but I’m a Work in Progress.  God is shaping me.  I’ll face hurts that are designed to heal me.  I’ll face hurts that are designed to teach me.  I’ll face hurts that are designed to grow me.  And I’ll face hurts that are there to humble me.

Whether I mess up intentionally, or even subconsciously, God sees my heart and my potential… He doesn’t focus on what I do wrong, because He knew it would happen, and He paid the price for it.  Let’s look at the world with God’s eyes.  Let us see ourselves and the people around us as Unfinished Masterpieces, and let us rejoice and God works towards our completion.



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