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Word, Prayer, Worship 1st March, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Books, Musings, Prayer, Worship.

“He who would keep up intimate converse with the Lord must habitually find in the Scriptures the highway of such companionship…… Blessed are they who have thus learned to use the key which gives free access, not only to the King’s Treasuries, but to the King Himself! ” (p51)

George Muller Book CoverI’m currently reading through the biography of George Müller and stopped for a while to ponder this section. It articulates part of something I have been thinking about for a while.

There are 3 pieces that are really central in our relationship with God… Word… Prayer… Worship. And importantly… in that order!!! When I was younger I used to view it as three broad pathways to reaching God. Some people I knew were highly motivated by reading the Word. They would be excited about it, and God would consistently challenge them through it. A second group were extremely into prayer. They prayed like crazy, but often spent little time in the Word, and “worship” times were usually most fruitful if comprising of prayer. The third group can’t seem to enjoy God without a guitar in hand. They meet God through the musical/artistic/nature experience.

I used to think of it like this… that when they would really work on maintaining the piece that motivated them most, the rest would fall into place. But… now I’ve changed my mind. And here’s why…

  • Prayer: I have become saddened by people who pray without spending adequate time in the Word. Their prayers often seem shallow. A few words about God, followed by a shopping list of needs for the world, their friends, family, and themselves. In every book I read about Prayer Warriors and Intercessors I see a key thing mentioned, just like with George Müller… the Scriptures are the basis for that prayer relationship. Through the Scriptures we come to learn about the God we love, we find out about His character, about things He does and loves… and best of all… instruction and examples of how to pray. When I see people who love to pray beginning to soak themselves in Scripture, their prayers become fuller! They begin to describe God with powerful biblical imagery, they begin to ask and seek in a different way, and amazingly, their prayers begin to be filled with far more power! If you’re one of these people, evaluate how much time you spend reading your Bible. If you love to pray… allow yourself to thrive on reading about the amazing God you are praying to. Learn how He wants you to come to Him. Allow His Word to fill your heart and become the highway to your communion.
  • Worship: (I’m going to do my pet hate and refer to worship here as the music-based experience.) I’m frustrated with shallow worship leaders! I have met many people who love to “worship” God. They live their Christian life running from one worship evening to another… thriving on the experiential. This is particularly bad with worship leaders who don’t seem to be able to meet with God outside of their instrument. A worship leader should be a leader in their personal time with God as much as they are when at the front of a crowd leading them into God’s presence. In this situation, they are quite content to base their walk on times writing songs and singing to God. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful thing to be able to do. So often though, their prayer times are lacking, and they spend next to no time in the Word. Their prayer times look like the ones above, with the added beauty of being able to quote lines from songs to pad out those prayers. Their is a dimension of their ability to lead that is diminished because they are not able to pray effectively and powerfully, and they fail to bring the Word alive during the music times. If you are one of those people, challenge yourself to sit down your guitar and to meet God through reading your bible, and through prayer. Ask yourself how much time you spend “worshipping” and spend that amount of time pouring over the Word! See if it affects the way you look at worship leading.
  • Word: I left this one last on purpose. There’s a negative side to the bible too… people who use it as a textbook. That’s the people who use it only for sermon prep. They can often be found using the dip-method where you close your eyes, flip through the pages and pray that God will guide them to a section He wants them to read.

I have begun to see that the Word is the most important part in any Christian’s walk. It is the greatest tool in our arsenal! I meet people who are in love with the Word of God, and there are a few characteristics I see across the board.

  1. They love it! They thrive on it! The obey it! These people know it well, and God consistenty meets them in it. Do you want to be like that?
  2. They prayer with power! The bible is full of commands and instruction on prayer. The more they read the more they pray! They pray effectively… they quote scriptures… they pray prayers they read in the Word… they appreciate the things God did to allow us to enter into His presence. They understand the importance of prayer, and they believe that God answers! And they see it in their lives!!! Do you desire to pray like this?
  3. Their lives are all about worship! They understand that God wants our lives, and they overflow with love and thankfulness. They line their lives up with what the bible says – and that is what true worship is! As a result, the love the God they read, they enjoy the company of the God they commune with in prayer… and it overflows in their lives as they constantly give themselves to the one who created them and loves them. Is your life a 24hr worship experience?

So… do you want your life to be transformed? Fall in love with the Word of God. After all, Jesus… He IS the Word of God. Ask God to fill you with passion for His Word… watch it transform your prayer life… and then watch your life become a living act of worship.



1. Joseph Garibay - 5th March, 2007

Good stuff dude! By the way, the link to my blog on your page is wrong, it’s josephgaribay.wordpress.com : )

2. Brian - 6th March, 2007

Hey, that IS a good book… I got my copy from a great friend.

3. Liv - 2nd June, 2007

Thanks! This sums up my heart too … and now, the challenge is to live it out! Bless you!

4. Passer-by - 12th November, 2009

Hi there, i randomly stumbled upon this page while i was google’ing worship sometime ago. What you posted up there made me realize what I’ve been missing out on….so i just wanted to say keep up the good blogging. God bless

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