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The Art of Relaxation 25th February, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Blessings, Me, Worship.

JacuzziOk, so I’m being spoiled!  Justin’s mom was in town this weekend speaking at a conference.  She was booked in to a hotel 10 mins from the school, and so last night we spent the evening in the spa!  a couple of hours were spent between the pool and the jacuzzi (mainly in the jacuzzi)!  The fun thing… swimming pool acoustics.  After a quick conversation about the amazing acoustics in swimming pools, we soon launched into an array of worship songs, in 3-part harmony!  Not the usual spa image I’d imagine.

So yeah, it’s a complete blessing to be able to relax like this.  It’s even better to enjoy a simple blessing like this, and to be aware that every blessing comes from God!  There are so many little things that happen in life that go by undetected.  God is constantly pouring out His love on us, and it’s up to us to make sure our eyes are open to acknowledge them!  It’s amazing how many more things I’ve noticed since I started blogging, now that my eyes are always on the lookout for something to write about!

I pray that God will continue to open my eyes to see the blessings He places around me, and that through my blog, I learn to see/hear Him clearer, but also that all the people out there who check into my blog will have their eyes opened to the things God does around them.

Thank you Lord for the Art of Relaxation!  Now I shall go and curl up with my latest missionary biography!  Watch this space.



1. Mon - 25th February, 2007

Yes…such a sweet time of blessing. God is always good even amidst our struggles and heartache. He provides those moments of such rich enjoyment and wonder that it’s hard for me to imagine not acknowledging His presence. Good times with great friends! 🙂


2. Mom - 28th February, 2007

The blessing was mine to be surrounded by such bountiful voices lifted in worship to God in what must have seemed like the most unusual place. But, it was also the most spontaneous, wonderful lovely and moving time I shared with a group of young people in a long time. I was moved and blessed by this wonderfully rich evening filled with so many people who share what my son shares and who loves our son, as we do…..thank YOU all for the wonderful evening. I am very happy to have met another “son”. – Justin’s Mom

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