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The Grotto 30th January, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Blessings, Multnomah, Prayer, Spirituality.

Ok… this place rocks!  The Grotto is a Catholic Botanical garden a few minutes away from our school.  And it’s such a great place for day retreats.  I’ve decided that from now on I’m going to spend my Monday Sabbath time in their meditation chapel.

The Grotto

Within the grounds there’s an elevator that takes you a few hundred feet in the air, and right at the top is the meditation centre, with it’s glass wall overlooking parts of Portland. It’s amazingly warm, and quiet, and the leather chairs extremely confortable.  It’s amazing to sit there looking out over Portland watching the business, while sitting perfectly still, just waiting on God.

I read through most of Isaiah, and it was so refreshing.  You’ll be getting my readthrough blog shortly! But anywayz.  This place is awesome… and it’s always quiet.  I just hope too many people don’t find out about it, because so far, all the places I’ve hidden away to read my bible have been discovered and are now filled with too many interruptions.

Today was wonderful.  It’s amazing how good it feels when you do as God asks… and take a day just to be with Him.  For people who don’t have a “sabbath” rest… you should try it!  Tuck yourself away somewhere with your bible… it’s amazing.

It’s really excited me about some of the things that are being planned at the moment.  I think I’m going to be taking a weeks retreat over the Spring break… this will be my first proper planned retreat, and I look forward to it sooooo much!



1. jeremiahandrews - 30th January, 2007


This entry brings back many memories for me – when I was much younger. You remind me of myself when I was involved with a great youth ministry the way you write – brings me back to that time. Quite amazing actually. I guess you call this a “God’s Blessing Moment.”

I came across this entry in the tag surfer. Beautiful! It is amazing, I live in a city filled with historic churches, and tucked away places, like you describe there.

I once lived in a city by the beach, and funny, never went to the beach. Now I live in a city filled with churches, and you know, I spend a few hours, one day a week inside a church on Tuesday’s. I guess I don’t make enough “quiet time” for myself, God and my Bible, in a formal, find God in a quiet place, way as I could.

You remind me that quiet time with God is important. I spend much of my time studying God, that I forget to go visit him in a quiet sanctuary. Tomorrow is Tuesday and I will remember you in my prayers.


2. jonesy24 - 30th January, 2007

You can have the grotto. There’s one place I know, and I’m prettysure justin knows (due to his invention – biblical bogroll) where you won’t be distrurbed…

the loo.



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