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Prayer Revival! 20th January, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Multnomah, Prayer.

People PrayingPrayer is amazing!  It’s the method that the God of the universe put in place for us to communicate, and have relationship with one another.  If you pray with people, it draws you closer together, and diminishes the problems around you.

Justin and I made a decision, that on coming back to school we would pray together every night.  We’ve been back 10 days, and both of us are amazed at what has happened in the short time we have been back.

Apart from the fact our friendship is at it’s best, our idea has grown…
Now, every night from 9.30pm – 10.30pm  there’s a group of 7 or 8 guys turn up at our apartment to pray.  Now, we’ve got a Friday morning prayer time that all the seminary and faculty have been informed of.

I feel great because God is working through me to encourage others to love others.  Justin has been graced with an amazing and fervent passion for prayer due to the way it has caused his love for God to flourish.  One guy, has received freedom from a hurt that has been causing him grief for over 2 years, and is now loving people in a way he never had, and his personal walk is alive.  Another, suffers from depressions and has been finding the word dry, and prayer a burden, but this week gives off a joy from the inside out.  Another, with a heart for worship, is being made alive by prayer, and experiencing God passionately outside of music!

I’m amazed at how God is working!  It’s testament to His awesome plan, that something as simple as daily prayer… together… cna have such a potent effect on people’s lives!  I love to pray, and I’m thankful for the passions God has given me to be in communion with Him.

Pray that this will continue.  Pray that God will protect us all as we draw nearer to Him.  And pray that we can be an example, and encouragement to the rest of the campus.  We want to see a prayer revival!  How is your heart for prayer??  Do you need revived.  Grab someone who loves God, and resolve to pray together every night for a week… and see the change in your life!



1. Eric D. Faris - 20th January, 2007

I am enjoying the prayer meeting we are having also. don’t know what I am going to do without them this summer..except start my own where ever I am!!!! Got to keep the revival going even while aprt from my brothers. See you at 9:30 my brother.

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