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Snow Days! 17th January, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Blessings, Multnomah.

For the last few days there’s been snow. It’s not been particularly heavy, maybe 6 inches of snow, but Portland do this fun thing, where they close down all the schools when it snows!

I arrived back here on Wednesday 10th around midnight, aware that I would have an 8am class on Thursday. I got up for class and as I walked across the campus was greeted by smiling faces notifying me that school was cancelled because the roads were iced (no snow)!

I won’t insinuate that it happened as a result of my prayers, but it was a real blessing to have that day off. I spent a large amount of time on the flight praying that God would give me strength to survive the Thursday, and in my dumb way, asking Him that if there was any way to get a few days off… that would be nice!!!


The Thursday was a great day! I got to catch up with lots of people, and just spend the day chilling with Justin. It was nice to be back here with him, just hanging out with no real agenda. Class on Friday was fun, but didn’t really feel like we got started on anything, then straight into the weekend.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off. What a start! Home and straight into a nice weekend of rest, prayer, and play!

Tuesday morning comes. We get up early, look out the window and see the campus covered in snow! It looked amazing! School cancelled again… and today!!! So really, we’ve been given a whole week off to rest because of the snow. I’m back here, and yet it feels like things haven’t started. I’ll admit, I was kinda disappointed that classes hadn’t started. It’s a strange phenomena for me to want to be in class, but I just love what I’m learning here!!


Ok… isn’t this just a stunning picture! This is the place I missed most while in Scotland: The Prayer Chapel, where I would spend most mornings in here at 6.30am-8am enjoying spending the start of my day with God! There’s something wonderful about that regularity that I missed when I was back at home.



1. Leanne - 18th January, 2007

the pics look amazing!

wish we had some snow in Kilwinning šŸ˜¦ lol

hope all is well


2. Mon - 19th January, 2007

Yay it turned out! I love this picture of the chapel! I feel a sense of peace just looking at it. šŸ™‚

3. Jonesy24 - 21st January, 2007

With this amount of snow, you won’t have a problem with aiming a large sized snowball at justino’s head… hehehe

4. adam (UR FAV PERSON) lol - 1st February, 2007

dat looks sick hope u avin fun cya soon

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