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Too Busy Not to Pray 15th January, 2007

Posted by Scotty in Books, Prayer.

Too Busy Not to Pray Book CoverI recently finished reading the Bill Hybels Book, “Too Busy Not To Pray”. It’s a simple book about slowing down in a busy world, and taking the time to be fuelled by our prayer times with God.

Bill describes his life pastoring a large church, and the huge demands placed on his time. He talks through the struggles he faced as he tried to survive, before taking the time to stop and sort his prayer life. There are some awesome nuggets scattered throughout the book.

“Some people tell me they don’t need to schedule regular time for prayer; they pray on the run. These people are kidding themselves. Just try building a marriage on the run. You can’t build a relationship that way, with god or with another person. To get to know someone, you have to slow down and spend time together.” (p131)

I see this around me all the time, and I’ve experienced it. One of the most amazing things about being at Multnomah, is nothing to do with the school. I resolved when I got here, to start every morning with God for at least an hour. So usually from 6.30am-8am I pray, read, and journal in the campus chapel. My relationship has got so much deeper. If you’re a person who tries to get by on a little bit of prayer here and there, I challange to you to give this a try! Give yourself a month, get up 30mins earlier and be with God. You’ll be amazed at how it changes you.

“When God tells us to write to this person or make an appointment with that person or give away so much money, to start this or stop that or share the other thing, it doesn’t have to make sense to us.” (p137)

Grrrr….! How many times have I watched somebody be disobedient to God because “it doesn’t make sense”? This is a huge frustration of mine. Time is a big factor in obedience. When God says to something now, NOW is the time. When he says do it later, then NOW is not the right time. I see this most often with baptism. People will say “I want to make sure I’m in a better place with God, and that I have a greater understanding of Him before I take this step”. Be baptized. Make the call. give the money. go to the place. Whatever God tells us to do… don’t wait for it to make perfect sense. Trust… and be obedient!

“Prayer and God’s presence are two sides of the same coin. Awareness of God’s presence comes as the result of taking time to speak and listen to him through prayer; conversely, the power of prayer is unleashed in the lives of those who spend time in God’s presence.” (p170)

WOW! I love it! I often have people say to me “I want to love God better” or “I want a deeper relationship with God” or “I want to see God’s power”. I often respond with two questions. How much time do you spend reading your Bible? and How much time in your week is spent in prayer? As we read, we learn more of who God is. As we pray, we develop more of our relationship. We need both. One to teach us who He is and how to live, and the other to grow our relationship. If you wanna love God better, there’s no fast track. Commit yourself to be a person of prayer!

God’s presence is experienced as we meet with Him. He will come and meet with us! The more time we spend with Him the more we know Him. And the more we know Him, the more we recognise His involvement in our day to day lives.

And as all of this happens, we better understand His power, and how to call upon it. All of a sudden, we see His power at work in every tiny aspect of His life. Wanna know Him better? Wanna feel His power? Eph 1:15-23 it! Let the eyes of your heart be enlightened by spending time being topped up by His Spirit!!!!

“Prayer is the way to maintain constant communion with God the Father and God the Son through God the Holy Spirit.” (p169)

God has a plan! He knew how things would go, and so He invented a method that would allow us to have a relationship. He decided on something that would allow us to commune with the Living God, all the time! It’s called PRAYER! It’s God’s planned method for meeting with Him. Abraham prayer. Noah prayed. Moses prayed. Joshua prayed. Even the disobedient Israelites cried out to Him. And best of all… Jesus thrived on prayer!

Don’t allow the best tool of all to slip through your fingers. Spend time with Him. Call out to Him. Especially in the small things. If you don’t have faith enough to ask Him for help in the smallest of matters, what chance to you have in the larger issues?!

Talk with Him… He’s listening.



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