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Spiritual Authority 19th December, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Heart, Leadership, Spirituality.

leftSo, I got to Re:Hope yesterday to hear Brian preach on one of my favourite topics – Spiritual Authority! And so, I thought I’d write some thoughts.

I have always felt the Spirit compelling me to be a person who has Spiritual Authority. I am always drawn to people who have it. I had spent years looking for a mentor, and at various times I met people and thought “maybe this guy could mentor me”, and in all the cases it didn’t happen. I look back on them and reflect and I see a bunch of guys who really display Spiritual Authority! They are people who God would speak through, and whose lives clearly display that they are obedient to God.

Eventually I met a guy in whom I could see that authority, and who possessed the other qualities that made him the perfect fit for a mentor!

At Multnomah, I am really impressed by the staff there, and there are a couple of Profs who really stand out to me.

Dr. John Wecks has the most amazing passion for the Word. I sit in his classes with a permanent grin on my face as I listen to him speak the truth. Many people will shy away from a topic if they know it’s difficult to swallow… but he just teaches… stating the truth, and revealing it from the Scripture. The skills he has been teaching me in studying the bible, and the reasons he lays out the course as he does make me ecstatic! When he speaks… I listen! I have a high value on what he says, because he spend huge amounts of time in God’s word.

Dr. Calvin Blom is another one of those guys. He’s a very different personality to Wecks, but has that same appeal to me. He’s very laid back and relaxed, slow to speak, speaks softly and gently, and his class is one of those ones that you could quite happily put your head on the desk and sleep if it wasn’t for the fact you wanted to hear what he says. He’s another man who spends remarkable amounts of time with God. He speaks, and I want to hear what he has to say.

After listening to Brian I put two and two together, and it suddenly dawned on me that it is there Spiritual Authority that I am drawn to. And authority that comes from the power of the Holy Spirit… that resists the temptation to sin… that unwilling to compromise when it comes to integrity… and that who spend a significant amount of time in solitude with God.

I desire to be this sort of person. Subconsiously I am always working from this principle. If I don’t see that authority in people, I am less likely to take on board what they say, but when they do… I desire so much to be around them.

As Brian spoke, he shared about his mentor Don Crook, and this similar feeling. He was drawn to Don’s Spiritual Authority… and still has that hope that one day he too will have that sort of authority. And now here’s me… looking at Brian… drawn to his authority, and always touched and challenged by the way God speaks through Him.

I want to be a person with Spiritual Authority. We should all have that desire. Jesus had that authority. He knew the word, he was filled with the spirit, he spent much time alone with God, and he obeyed God even when it cost his life! He had authority over physical ailments, over demons, over sins… We are called to be like Jesus… and so we should desire to have that same authority. Not as a divine power rush, but so that people can’t help but listen when they see God working through us.

I desire to have that authority. I long so much to be known as a person who is filled with the Spirit; a person who spends significant time with God; a person who knows and loves the Word; a person who resists sin, who won’t comprise in their integrity to make life ‘easy’; and a person who is obedient to God even if it costs me my life!

Do you have Spiritual Authority? Do you want it? Join me in a life of obedience, as we walk the path towards Christlikeness.



1. Eric D. Faris - 19th December, 2006

WOW! That is really what I want and I hope you see that in me. I am starting a bible readthrough on the first…pray that the Lord gives me heavenly strength to stay up on my studies and to do my bible reading each week. I am excited to see the passion for God in you brother.

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