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Learn from the past 7th December, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Heart, Life, Me.

University of Glasgow Crest   Let’s go back a couple of years in time to the start of my final year at Glasgow University.  The first semester begins with good intentions – I go to all my classes, I even buy a Glasgow Uni hoodie to make me feel “involved”.  I join the “math society” fully aware that my commitments mean I’ll never be able to go to the events, but at least I’m “getting stuck in about uni”.

A couple of weeks later and I remember how much I don’t like it.  I’m studying math, knowing that my future lies in ministry and it doesn’t add up.  I’m working at The Ark, doing ministry and they’re asking me about going full-time.  All around me I see people who act like God doesn’t exist… drinking, partying, sleeping around, doing drugs… and so I realise it’s time to give up.  I stop going to classes… I stop doing the work.  I go to Glasgow and hang in Starbucks.  I read my bible, and I talk to people about God.   Time for me to drop out and work fulltime.  Then I met Brian (and if you don’t know that story, I’ll tell you it some other time)

All of a sudden I realise that God has me at Uni for a reason, and that I’m dishonouring Him by not doing the work.  So as semester 1 ends, and semester 2 begins I have a new resolution:  I’m gonna work hard and finish!  A light suddenly clicked on in my brain… God has me here for a reason.  He has me hear to minister to the friends around me… to teach me endurance… and to get a degree that I need for something in the future.  I find out about Multnomah, and I realise with 100% confidence that God wants me to study an M.Div there!  All of a sudden… I need to have a degree!

Semester 2 begins, and I’m doing all my classes, all my homework, and learning the work from the first semester at the same time!  I’m determined to finish.  AND I PRAY!  And I pray some more!  God… help me to get through this.  I’m sorry I dishonoured you by not working.  Have mercy.  Allow me to get through this.  I have learned the lesson!  I stuck in, and by a lot of hard work, and a lot of prayer, and a HUGE amount of encouragement from people around me I got to the end of the course!  I graduated with merit – when I thought I wasn’t even gonna pass.  PRAISE GOD!

Multnomah LogoNow… why am I writing this?  Well… it’s a stressful time of year right now.  So many assignments due.  Lots of reading logs to be handed in and so books upon books to read, and I suddenly find myself in that same feeling in my last semester of school when I was fighting to get through the work.  It’s becoming hard to juggle school, ministry, and social life.  My personality hates saying NO and letting people down, but I recall something I promised God on my knees before my final exam in Glasgow.

“Father, if I pass this, then there is no doubt that you want me at Multnomah, because there’s no way I’m going to pass by my own efforts.  If I pass, I promise that I will work hard at school, and not allow myself to be in this position again.  Have mercy.”

I’m not in the same situation, but I’m reminded of it.  The school system here is very different, and so because I’m not used to the way this works I’m under a little bit of pressure.  I’m reminded of what God brought me through then, and how much better placed I am now!  I’m reminded of my promise to Him, and so as much as it grinds against me, I’m having to put most other things on the back burner and just “get stuck in”.  I look forward to the Christmas break, when my brain can have rest… and looking forward to coming back next semester knowing the way the course works, and how to better manage my time.

I praise God for calling me to be here.  I love the things I am learning.  I love the way I am growing.  I love the people I am meeting.  I love the way I am being used.  And best of all…. I LOVE HIM!



1. 2kidsin1 - 7th December, 2006

I can totally relate to the stuff you have faced and I am so glad you find your rest in God for all this. I look to Jesus too and I’ve nearly finished my 3rd semester at university but I’m not yet *serious* as I should be, praying and working towards my degree. God bless you,

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