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13th November, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Spirituality.

Roller Coaster

 This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while now, and looks like today is the day!  During my first week in America, I was staying with my cousin Kyle, over in Northern Kentucky, and they treated me to a day out at Kings Island Theme Park.

It was a great day, and really really got me thinking!  As with all theme parks the lines were rather long, and so you had extended times standing amidst a crowd of large numbers of people.

As I looked around I noticed striking similarities between the people around about me.  For the most part they were excited and outgoing people.  Chatter was loud and constant… people were jumping around… messing about… very few people were sitting quietly in a corner on their own… well… unless their legs were tired from standing around.

Lots of people had cool but crazy hair styles, and it was like being at a tatoo exhibition.  Over 50% of the people were decorated with designs.  A large number of religious tattoos… sadly on people who’s “fruit” was nowhere near Christlike.

It got me thinking about the sort of person that goes to a theme park, and the reason they go.  It’s to do with the thrill… the adrenaline rush… obviously.  But with my spiritual goggles on, I was suddenly struck by something else.

Every time you step onto a ride, something happens to cause the adrenaline rush.  All of a sudden, you take your life and your safety out of your own hands, and you place it at the mercy of the machine.  Your body and mind are pushed to the limits!  I would wonder how many times someone would call out internally or aloud to God.

This feeling, like so many things, is a cheap alternative to experiencing life with God.  We substitute dependency on him, for these momentary glimpses of not being in control.

Jesus modelled to the fullest a life that would be a constant adrenaline rush, as did Paul!  A life that was placed in God’s hands… control surrendered!  Daily their life encountered moments of danger (but not if you consider them being held safely in God’s hands).

Christianity is not a pansy sport!  It’s a hard game.  It involves surrendering control, being pushed to the limit, being tried and tested from all around you, and living on the constant inner joy that comes from trusting in Him through the Spirit inside us.

Are you one of those Christians who has a theme-park type mentality?  Do you count knowing God only by those fleeting moments like the thempark… or do you constantly surrender control to Him.

My experience at the theme-park changed from that point on.  I started praying for the people around them… that they would realise that those moments of adrenaline could be found to a greater extent by trusting in God.  I prayed that their eyes would be open to the Creator that is in control of our lives.  I prayed that my life would be one of constant surrender, and not of periodic trips to a theme park.

Go to a theme park.  Think about what people are chasing.  And rejoice that our life with God is a Jesus-following, Spirit-depending roller coaster ride into Eternity!



1. danielward - 15th November, 2006

An awesome way of looking at it. And, theres no lines for the ride.

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