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24th October, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Bible.

The 3 things I enjoyed most in Joshua were:

  1. Bible Readthrough - JoshuaJoshua 4:14
    I love reading about God confirming the authority of His leadership.  This is something that happens in both the physical and spiritual realms.  Here, Joshua parts the Jordan.  This would remind the people of Moses parting the Red Sea, and I’m sure it reminded them of all the other instances of Moses greatness.   This Spirit on Moses is now on Joshua.  I see this happen in my own life.  God puts me in positions of leadership, or gives me the ability to speak into people’s lives, and then confirms to them that He has called me to do it.

    It’s scary when you think of this in light of the Gospels where we are told that God will judge leaders in a tougher way to others.  I pray that I can live a life like Moses and Joshua… close to God, and obedient to His calling.

  2. Joshua 8:15
    I love reading about Joshua in this story.  A battle is happening, and where to we find Joshua?  Right in the thick of it.  This story parallel’s with Moses and the Amalekites in Ex 17:9-13, with a major difference:  Moses is up on the top of a mountain, but Joshua is in the midst of the battle.

    I enjoy this “warrior” Spirit, and I think here is something that many church leaders forget.  We are called to be warriors amidst the world.  As leadership, we live amidst God’s people, getting our hands dirty amongst them.  This extends into the Spiritual Realm… are you a Spiritual Warrior?  Are you trained to fight in God’s army?  Are you physically fit?  Are you “man enough” to lead God’s people… because it isn’t an easy job?

  3. Joshua 21:45
    “Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to the house of Israel failed: every one was fulfilled”

    Verses like this astound me!  God is faithful to the nth degree!  We have no concept of this kind of faithfulness.  Do you know anyone who has fulfilled every promise they have made to you?  Do you fulfill all the promises that you make?

    God made numerous promises and every one of them happened!  God is faithful despite our unfaithfulness.  This verse assures me that I can trust what I read in the bible!  I aim to be a man of my word.



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