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Switchfoot 23rd October, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Fun, Spirituality.

Ok. So… on Friday night I went to see Switchfoot. And I have to say, they were AMAZING! If you get the chance to go and see them, it is well worth it.

I wasn’t looking forward to the gig! I am not a fan of that environment. It breaks my heart to see people idolising anything other than God, and so I steer clear of them usually. I gave in this time and went, and the one thing I came away with, was a deep sense of respect and admiration for the band.

I was really aware of their humility as they performed, and also the sincere love they have for their fans. There were two moments that stood out to me in particular. At one point, the lead singer grabbed the radio mike, and went walking along a ledge on the left wall, to sit amidst a bunch of fans, and performed the rest of the song from there. I was struck by how willing he was, and how much of a desire he had to be with the people who were supporting them.

Later on, he pulled one of the guys out of the crowd onto the stage, introduced him to each band member individually and then said “our home is your home, stick around, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the show”, gesuting to him to find a comfortable spot on the stage from which to watch. In this moment, they must have made the hugest impact on that guys life.

Although they don’t promote themselves as a Christian band, it was great to see them model Christ-likeness in their attitudes, and interactions with their fans. I pray that God with continue to bless them as the tour and write. .. That He will bless them with strength as the tour goes on and they begin to tire… and that He will use them, and their music to turn the hearts of the lost to the face of Jesus Christ.



1. Stephen - 23rd October, 2006

Hey! So Switchfoot are coming back to Perth. I think Leah and some others are going, Midjot too. I went to the delirious? gig last Friday at the Carling Academy. Pretty fun. I wrote a review on my blog.

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[…] Kutless, MercyMe, Chris Tomlin, and Jeremy Camp.  Within my first few months here I got to go to a switchfoot gig, and then when Jeremy Camp came I opted out to go and sing at my cousin’s wedding in […]

3. Carys - 18th January, 2012

Despite the fact that this is a majorly old post, my good friend Jill Gilbraith told me about your blog. And that you made a post about Switchfoot. So. Um. Yeah.

Anyways, I consider myself to be the biggest Switchfoot fan going around in Scotland. I have all the albums, and 3 tshirts (I repent every day of idolatry, I admire the guys, but God is always first).

I love them for all the reasons you described: their respect for their fans, and their undying love for Christ despite their fame and huge fanbase.

In my opinion, no one can top the hard work and dedication of these guys. I mean, the songs are KILLER. 🙂

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