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Next>> Preview 19th October, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Me, Multnomah.

Next Preview of MultnomahSo, I was doing a little bit of work for the seminary this week, making phonecalls to invite people to the “Preview of the school”.  This led to me being asked to be a Student Rep at the preview, and to share my testimony with the prospective students.

I was a little nervous, having not attended the preview… not very easy for me to visit Oregon for a two day visit when I live is Scotland!!!  And so in that respect, it was fun for me to see what I would have experienced if I had made it over.

It was a great evening!  I think every student here should have to share at one of those events.  Particularly right after the stress of midterms.  It was extremely refreshing to be asked to remember all that God did to get me here, and to have to share with people the amazing experience I’m having at the moment, and also how I see it being relevant to my future.

It was exciting to see previewers falling in love with the school over the two days, and everything inside me was wishing upon them this very same experience I’m having.  I praise God for bringing me here.  I praise Him for the people who support me being here.  I praise Him for His plan, and for all that He has in store for me in the future.  I am His, ready to do “whatever He wants, whenever He wants it, at Whatever the cost”



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