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The Divine Entanglement 6th October, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Life, Spirituality.

tangled branchesOne of the things I love to reflect on, is the process God has drawn me through to get me to where I am today. I love to look back at all the events, even to before I was born, and to acknowledge God’s Sovereign hand in my life.

Usually, this involves contemplating the amazing work God has done in someone else’s life, to allow them to be sitting next to me in a particular moment. So, for example, I have a desire to visit “Pike Place”, the very first Starbucks store… not because I’m an addict, but because it’s a part of my journey. I met Brian in Starbucks in Glasgow… the coffee shops that I would hang out in (coz I liked the music and atmosphere). In order for me to meet Brian in Starbucks, someone had to start the business.  So, in the grand scale of things, and on a completely self-centred level, Starbucks was started, in order that I could meet Brian there, to set the ball rolling to get me to Multnomah.

Anywayz, where’s this going.  Well, I’m reading a Theology Book for class, and I came across this quote:

“Through all of life God was at work shaping and developing the individual author. So, for example, the experiences of the fisherman Peter and of the physician Luke, were creating the kind of personality and worldview that would later be employed in the writing of Scripture.”

I had never thought about this.  Just as I reflect on God’s working in my life, He does the same thing in other people’s lives.  The perfect parents had to be around at the right time to birth Peter, so that he would be a fisherman, and be in his boat the day Jesus called to him.  His upbringing and life circumstances shaped his personality, so that by the time God inspires him to write the letters for Scripture, the words and thoughts would be exactly as God had decided they would be.  The same goes for Dr. Luke, or for the apostle Paul.

In every life, God leads and guides to grow us into the people we need to be.  He has a unique role for us all to play, and is slowly moulding us into that person.  We are all part of a giant network on paths that cross.  We are all work in progress being shaped by the people and environment around us.  We are all Divinely Entangled.



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