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Re:Hope’s hope 5th October, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Church, Heart, Me.

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Well, this is a test and a half!  Re:Hope (my church in Glasgow) is at a HUGE moment in it’s life.  We are building-less!  The building we love and have been meeting in for the last couple of years is now on the market, and so we are temporarily homeless.  One of the churches in the vacinity has agreed to take us in (Praise God) temporarily.

The auction for the building will end on October 27th, and so it’s the biggest hope and prayer challenge yet.  Already we have received many donations toward the purchase of the building, and so we live in hope.

It’s what the church is all about.  It’s about HOPE, and we are experiencing a practical lesson in what that means.  Everyone in the church is waiting with baited breath.

It’s difficult to be here, and not at home sharing in the nerves and prayers, but God has called me here for now, and so I join with them in Spirit, here on my knees, asking our Provider to bless the ministry in such a way that he is seen powerfully in this whole situation.

Keep your eyes on www.rehope.co.uk or on Brian’s blog for the most recent information.

Join with us in praying for God’s provision



1. Rosemary Hannah - 14th October, 2006

Hi Scotty
It is great to keep up with all your happenings on your blogg! Do keep it up.

It is so encouraging to us to see how God is working and circumstances changed, when most needed, in your life, Praise God.

Would love to go there myself-envy you as I follow all you are studying and doing. Gives you a real thirst and hunger for more of God’s word, not just in a superficial way as we often do in our lives and churches, but in more dept where it becomes a continual part and a reality in our lives. Would love to see Andrew and David go out for a few years after Uni.

Andrew keeps us up to date with you also. Did you give Andrew a landline number to phone on to?

With all our love and continual prayers for you son/bother!

Adam, Rosemary, Anderw and David

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