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Camping 18th September, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Friends, Me, Multnomah.

Well, what a weekend that was. A group of us from the Seminary went camping at a place called Lake Trillium. It is a beautiful place. We arrived on the Friday in time for dinner! We made an amazing make shift camp site, complete with a giant overhead tarpaulin sheet to keep the rain off the main area!

It was a great time… and I guess one of those moments I’m never going to forget.

the camping crew

It was a great time to bond with the group, especially when all the tasks involved everyone having to muck in.  It poured, and so people were always watching and sticking wood on the fire.  I managed to wake on Saturday morning in a puddle.  I managed to choose the wrong side of the tent to sleep on!  fun fun fun!

It’s always great to be in the outdoors.  When I walked down to lake Trillium with Joel, it was stunning.  Completely breathtaking, and I had to stop, and praise God for the amazing picture He put before me.

The Friday night was great, we spent an hour or so round the campfire in the rain roasting s’mores and having a time of worship.  Again I was overcome with the “I can’t believe I’ve only known these people 3 weeks” thing.  I feel really close to so many of the people here.  We all get on so well, and I am constantly praising God for all the wonderful things I see (and hear about) Him doing around me.

Oh… here’s a better pic of me, Joel, Justin, and Anthony…

Da Lads



1. Jeanine - 19th September, 2006

scotty, what a beautiful heart the Lord has given you. Thanks for being my friend… I see Christ in you and it challenges me to be more like Him. Thank you. Blessings, friend.

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