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BibleReadthrough – Exodus 18th September, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Bible.

The 3 things that I enjoyed most about Exodus were:

  1. Exodus 3:4Bible Readthrough - Ecodus
    This time through Exodus I was really caught up in the process Moses is taken through.  I read almost from His point of view imagining what he must have been thinking and feeling.  I love his reaction at the burning bush as God calls out to him, and he replies “Here I am”.  This isn’t the first time in Scripture we see this reaction (Abraham says in in Gen 22:1 as does Jacob in Gen 31:11).

    But then Moses goes on to argue with God about his weaknesses and inability to do what God has called him to.  For some reason, rather than striking him down, God allows Moses to argue.  Now, as we go from here, and into the plagues, and the time in the wilderness I wondered… “what must Moses have felt like as the Plagues were happening?”  He must have had some real heart-stopping moments when he instructed his brother to wave his staff over the water, and for it all to turn to blood.

    Over the course of the plagues God is building up Moses trust, and also establishing him as a prophet: when Moses speaks, God moves.  Sadly, despite the amazing things that happen Moses never does quite gain the trust he needs, even though he gets to meet with God face to face!  (Num 20).

    I love reading and pondering the process God is taking him through and building him up, I guess it’s like the journey I am on just now, where God has slowly been proving himself to me with little miracle after little miracle, building up my trust and dependency on Him.

  2. Exodus 32:1
    Why are we so quick to forsake God?  At this section of the book Moses is up Mount Sinai getting instructions from God.  They have just been led out of Egypt through a series of miraculous events, including the parting of the red sea.  Moses pops up the mountain for 40 days, and already the Israelites turn their hearts to false gods.

    This got me thinking… why are we so quick to forget about the amazing things God does in our lives?  We are so quick to remember the bad, and so quick to forget the good!  In each of our lives God has worked miracles, some right in front of our faces, others in the background that we aren’t even aware of, but yet he is working.

    A whole process of crossing paths has led me to Multnomah, including God providing me with the $21,000 that I needed to study here, and yet there are still moments when I forget.  Just the other day I was getting stressed and worried at the thought of trying to organise car insurance, and a flight out to my cousin’s wedding:  “where on Earth will I get money for that?”  How quickly I allowed myself to forget about God’s miraculous provision!

    And that’s just once instance.  Think of all the little things, the people you “forget” when you are lonely; the joys you “forget” when you are low.  I see people who are stagnant in their walk because the have forgotten their calling… I see people hesitant about progressing because they doubt that God’s guiding hand is leading them the right way.  Let us not be like the people in Exodus who forget their All-powerful God.

  3. Exodus 34:29
    This is one of my favourite images in Scripture.  You can read Paul’s explanation of it in 2 Cor 3:7+.  Moses has been on Mount Sinai in God’s presence, and when he comes down the mountainside, “his face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord”

    I want that!  When I spend time in God’s presence, I pray that he will make it physically aparant.  I desire my relationship with Him to be something that can’t be hidden.  How amazing would it be if I spent time reading my bible, and people could physically sense that I had been in his presence.  How amazing that after a church service my face would be glowing as I chatted with people.

    And none of this so that people would give me praise, but so that people would see my passion, my love for God, my excitement about life, and to know that they can have it too!  May his name be glorified!!!



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