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My Buddies 13th September, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Friends, Life, Me, Multnomah.

It’s truly great when God places godly guys around you.

The adjustment to Multnomah life has been made a lot easier by the guys above. Justin, Joel & Anthony have quickly become my close friends here.

Justin GunterJustin, Moved here from California after doing a degree in History. He has a dream to one day open an orphanage (potentially in the UK)! He’s an awesome guy who goes out his way to help the people around him. He’s a key character in community life… does a great impersonation of my accent, and shares my love for worship! It’s been great hanging out with him in the chapel or piano room and just enjoying the way God speaks through music.

Joel PetersJoel, is here from Alaska! He’s on the same continent, but travelled just as far as I did. LoL. Joel is one of those “genuine guys”, and it’s great being round him. He’s the oldest of our crew, and has that big brother feel to him. He studied engineering and before coming here, was working in an engineering firm designing really cool stuff! I couldn’t do it justice to explain it. He’s another one of those… has-given-up-a-lot-to-be-here people! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for him in the future… mixing engineering and mission seems to play on his heart a lot… we’ll see how it plays out.

Anthony Burton

Anthony… from Idaho. This guy has such an amazing heart for prayer. There’s none of the i’ll-try-to-remember-to-pray-about-that’. His attitude is “don’t talk about prayer… do it!”. I’ve had some really fruitful prayer times with him, and he’s been a real encouragement to me so far. Community life is new to him, but he’s slotting in just fine. His heart is for youth work, and at the moment he’s sorting out the details of his ministry for this year. It’s exciting to watch his enthusiasm. He’s good at keeping me in toe – I need someone like that around.

(there gonna kill me for using these pics… it’s their ID badge pics)
I thank God for placing these people around me. I have been praying for months about the people who would walk with me, and so it’s awesome to spend time with them in God’s presence. We’re going camping this weekend, which will be a great opportunity chill out a bit more and do some of that out-in-the-great-outdoors-bonding.

I am loving the opportunities I keep getting, to minister to the people around me. I keep praying that I can be an example to the people around me of someone who is passionately in love with Jesus.



1. Stephen - 13th September, 2006

Glad you have some cool friends!

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