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BibleReadthrough – Genesis 11th September, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Bible.

The 3 things to get me most excited in Genesis were:

  1. Genesis 5:4 & 6:8Bible Readthrough - Genesis
    I get so excited in Scriptureto read about people who please God.  Enoch is described as a man who “walked with God”.   In the next chapter Noah is said to have “found favour in the eyes of the Lord”.

    I often wonder what would be written about me if I was to be put in the Bible, or if someone one day wrote a biography of my life, and it’s verses like these that I want to see.  Not for prideful reasons.  I have to check my heart when I’m thinking down this route.  I don’t want it written so that people are thinking “wow, that guy was Holy”… but it excites me to think that my relationship with God grows to such a level that people don’t think of me separate from the God I live for.  I want people to be able to look at my life and say “that guy’s life was a mess, and look how God transformed him!

    It’s reminds me of one of my favourite quotes:

    “I don’t want people to look at me and think ‘What a great guy’
    I want them to look at me and think ‘What a great God he serves’ “

  2. Genesis 29:35
    This time through Genesis, and I’m sure this will extend all through this readthrough, I have been watching the line of the Messiah.  It’s so interesting the way God’s hand is at work all the way through, and especially when you see the ‘imperfect people’ he uses all down the line.

    Here we read the story of Jacob and his wives.  He falls in love with Rachel, and is tricked into taking her sister Leah as his wife first.  Usually I have the that’s-not-fair-poor-Jacob-feeling in my stomach, but this time something different struck me.  Jacob goes on to have 6 children with Leah… the 4th of whom is the one who bears the Messianic line.  Had Jacob not been deceived, and only married Rachel, Judah would not have been born!

    This is one of those instances that reveals God sovereign hand in what is happening, and a foreshadowing of Paul’s verse in Rom 8:28 “and in all things God works for the good of those who love Him”.

    I’m so glad God is in control of my life!

  3. Genesis 16:6,9
    Q. Does God want us to submit to bad leadership?  A.  Yes!!
    In v6 we see Hagar flee from Sarai because of illtreatment, but in v9 an angel appears to her and tells her to go back and to submit.

    Christians are so often weak!  I have seen and heard many people who have walked away from God’s calling because the going gets tough.  Lines like “I’m not willing to submit to this sort of authority” or “God wouldn’t want me to put up with that” or “Jesus wasn’t a doormat” are often uttered.  The reality is the opposite.

    In all these negative experience God teaches us lessons.  In suffering he teaches endurance!  He builds up staying power, to prepare us for the wonderful things yet to come.  I had to learn a huge lesson in this at my last place of employment.  As time went on I began to disagree with my boss more and more.  I did not agree with a lot of decisions and attitudes that were made… had many questions reagarding what direction the company was moving in – was it in line with God’s vision?… and most of the time felt I was mistreated.  Several times I wanted to walk out, not understanding why God would want me in that situation, but He kept me there, and I stuck it out, and since then I have witnesses a huge change in my heart in my staying power, and in God’s authority over my life.

    God’s Kingdom is seen as we submit.  Lift him up, honour the people He has placed over you, and let your light shine.  You will be vindicated.



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