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Student? 3rd September, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Me, Multnomah.

So… I’m a student again!!!!

Student ID card

I now have my super-duper ID card that triples up as my ID, my meal card, and my door key!!!

It’s hard to believe I’m a student again.  I can remember telling myself that I would never do uni again!  That after my BSc there was no need to do more.  I hated uni.  Well… looks like God has other plans:  I’m here!  And, so far so good!

The work has started… and there’s A LOT of it.  But for once, I think I’m going to enjoy the things I have to read.   God has placed me in an amazing environment, and placed really great people around me.  I still have a little bit of disbelief that I’m here, but… I AM!



1. Adam & Rosemary Hannah - 11th September, 2006

Had forgotten this site was available until Andrew asked if we’d being following your writings! Great to have confirmation on God’s call. You look so happy in your photo! Is so refreshing to read your ‘thoughts’ and ‘reflections’.

We miss you here in Ayr but so pleased to know you are in God’s place with a sense of His peace, nothing like it.

Love and our continued prayers.

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