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BibleReadthrough – Philemon 3rd September, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Bible.

The 3 things I loved about Philemon were:

  1. Bible Readthrough - PhilemonPhilemon 1:6
    “I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ”This falls in the middle of a great prayer in Paul’s letter to Philemon. I love the reasoning Paul gives for being active in our faith: so that we have a full understanding! Our faith is understood by doing it… by living it out. We are encouraged to get out there and live our faith, because it is only through this process that we gain a full understanding.
  2. Philemon 1:12
    “I am sending him – who is my very heart – back to you”God has given me the heart of a discipler. I love walking alongside people and helping them as they learn to be with God. I really enjoy seeing hints of Paul’s heart throughout his letters, and this is one of those places. I read this verse one of two ways, both of which I enjoy equally. The combination of the two gives an immense picture of what it is to be a discipler:
    a) Paul has discipled Onesimus to the degree that Onesimus’ heart resembles Paul’s. So here, we would see that Paul has poured himself into Onesimus in such a way that there has been a trasferral down to the very values of the heart.
    b) Paul has poured himself into Onesimus so much, that Paul’s love for him has developed like that of a son (v10). This then reads that sending Onesimus away is literally ripping away part of Paul’s heart. Both of these show me a disciplers heart: Someone who will invest their life into the training of another, for the purpose of glorifying God.

    Thank you Jesus for being the ultimate discipler.

  3. Philemon 1:22
    “prepare a guest room for me, because I hope to be restored to you in answer to your prayers.”I love Paul’s faith. Here he writes ahead, already anticipating the prayers to be answered. This is how confident he is in his calling, and in God’s sovereignty.

    Preparing to cross the ocean has increased my faith so much, and taught me the extent to which God hears & answers prayers, and provides for his people. May my faith and dependency on Him grow daily.



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