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Multnomah Falls 29th August, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Me, Multnomah.

Today, as a getting to know people thing, the seminary people went to see Multnomah Falls, a beautiful 620ft waterfall! There’s a trail that climbs up the side of Larch Mountain that takes you right up to stand looking over the top of the fall. And the view is stunning! It was like one of those postcards you look at thinking it looks amazing but that you’d never be there in person.

Multnomah Falls

It was another surreal moment of the journey. I don’t know how many times I have had these moments now. For about a year I have been looking at the Multnomah Catalogue (Prospectus), and showing people things about Multnomah… one of them, the picture of the Falls, saying excitedly… this is where I’ll be living. So to be standing in person at the Falls was another breath-taking moment where I was struck by the perfection of his plan, and him keeping his promises. The one thing I wasn’t expecting was the view at the top!

View from the top of the falls

Nature always captures my breath. I wonder how people can look around at the stunning creation around us and think that it happen ‘by chance’. God’s creation is perfect. His plan is perfect. And I praise Him for bringing me here to see it.

I managed to go over on my ankle on the way back down, and go flying spread-eagle along the rough path. Fun Fun! I’m still praising God though!



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