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Getting Settled 29th August, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Me, Multnomah.

HouseHey there, well, I’m getting all settled in here at Multnomah.

I moved into my apartment yesterday which I share with 3 other guys: Kev (who I room with), BD, and Matt. All seem pretty nice. Kev, my roomie, is probably just as crazy as I am… I think we’ll get along just fine! Had a few “getting to know you” things since I arrived, so I’ve been meeting all the people on my course, and everyone seems to be really cool. There’s a bunch of guys living upstairs from me… Anthony, Jeff, Joel and Justin who are really sound guys, so looking forward to hanging out with them.

I forgot the cable for my camera, so until I get to a shop to buy one you’ll just have to cope without pics. The apartment is really nice… a lot nicer than I’d been expecting… tons of room! The only criticism is the no AC, so it gets quite warm, btu that doesn’t bother me. Slept like a log… and during the day when the door is open we get a nice through-draft… makes our apartment more welcoming to the peeps around us.

So yeh, I’m feeling quite at home. The place is great, the people are nice, just gotta work out how the work is. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to it, and can’t wait to grow!

I’ve got my bank account set up, and also my cellphone now so people can contact me. Just gotta get the health insurance sorted. Tomorrow is registration and orientation, so I get to find out all about the school rules, and sign up for all my classes. It should be a good day, and I look forward to seeing what God has got in store for me this year.



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