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Commissioned 14th August, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Church, Friends, Heart, Leadership, Me, Multnomah, Prayer.

HopeToday was the most amazing service. My Commissioning.
Everything went as normal, I opened, did worship, Brian spoke, I did more worship, but this time, when I got up after worship was over to take communion the room was covered in balloons. It feels good to say that I was so caught up in singing to God that I didn’t see them put them out.

Then Brian shared some things about me… I’ve never stopped to list all the ways God has worked through me in Re:Hope, and it was a humbling experience hearing Brian’s words to the church. I could have sworn he was talking about someone else… The sense of pride at God’s perfect plan being played out, and my amazement at the love and friendship I have from Brian, and all of the church really moved me!

I’d been secretly hoping they’d do a “first church commissioning” where the elders would lay their hands on me and pray in front of everybody sending me off, but it was slightly different, and for me slight more perfect!

Brian prayed for me… while I fought to hold back tears of joy, and then instead of having the leadership pray for me, he asked people to take me aside during the mingling/clearup time at the end, and lay hands on me individually and pray. I have never felt so blessed. And I had no idea the impact I have had on people’s lives… God’s Spirit is always working!

I won’t tell you that the hardest moment was in Beanscene after church when Brian got up to leave. Said his goodbye… guess we’d both being playing computer too long coz our eyes seemed quite watery. Can’t think of any other reason why. We said our goodbyes and I was really impressed that I had survived. Sat down, and was overwhelmed with thankfulness. I tried to pray but instead I sat fighting back tears… 3 of them managed to beat me though! (Brian, if you’re reading this… I will thank God for you forever. You have no idea the changes in my life God has brought about through you.)

When we left… do I admit it?… tears ran down my cheeks all the way from Glasgow to Kilmarnock. Because I was sad? nope. I was suddenly overcome with people’s generosity. With their love. Their gifts. And my taking it all for granted. But more than that, overwhelmed that me… a guy who screws up over and over again… has been hand-picked by God to be on the front-line.

He has chosen me to be grown into Christlikeness. He has called me to serve him in another land. He has poured his blessings over me. And he has love me through all the people he has surrounded me with.

To my Family, Friends, 2nd Family (Re:Hope, NieuCommunities)… I love you all. I will miss you all. And I will be praying for you all. Thank you for loving me.
Re:Hope… thank you for making my sendoff perfect

God, thank you for calling me even though I screw up. May my life bring honour to you, and show you to be the great God you are.



1. Chelsea - 5th October, 2006

Even when we screw up…what a meaning that holds to me…last night at church, I just felt the anointing of God and could see literally in my mind His hand of favour and calling as it has followed me where ever I have gone, even when I went far aside from His will. And still I feel my calling remains the same, and perhaps stronger…He is more than good!

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