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Permanent Reminder 1st August, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Art, Life, Me.

tribal thistle —> New Tattoo

I have been thinking about getting a new tattoo for ages, and today I did!!! (I’ll put up a better picture at a later date, this is just a rough one for now). It’s my third tattoo… and i got it done on my left side, half of it is above my shorts line, and half below. And I got it as a reminder of some things… I wanted something that would symbolise Scotland. It will serve as a reminder of my journey here to date: significant people, places, and events in my walk with Christ. There are other important reasons too. It is a reminder of the calling that God has placed on me. In days when I feel like I’m going nowhere, it’ll remind me that He has called me out of this country for a time and purpose.

It will serve as a reminder of the conversations I’ve been having with God about traits in my character that I am leaving behind.

All through Scripture God says “Remember that I am the God who… [fill the blank]”, and so for me this is a reminder of all the things God has done for me, to prepare for me heading to Multnomah. It represents the amazing way he has provided for me. The divine appointments that have lead me to USA. The trials and tests he has brought me through to strengthen me for the road ahead.

I thank God for his love.

P.S. I have to say though… getting a tattoo on your hip is pretty sore. I definitely felt pain this time!



1. Beth - 10th August, 2006

I didn’t know it was your THIRD tattoo! Holding out on me huh? Man, am I totally crazy or did I not know…or not remember, would feel even worse if it was the later. Anyway, it’s cool to hear your story behind it and what a great reminder it will be for you. Can’t wait to see you. Hope these last couple of weeks are very sweet for you.

2. Werdna - 2nd September, 2006

it’s freaking rad dude

3. Chelsea - 4th October, 2006

I LOVE it! It’s nice to know that an amazing Christian man holds the same belief as me on the subject…

4. Angela - 29th July, 2007

I found your blog when I was looking for examples of thistle tattoos. I am thinking of getting one, too. For me it represents not only Scotland, but also the fact that there is sometimes beauty within something or someone, but you must navigate through thorns to get to it. Nice work…I hope you are enjoying your new tattoo.

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