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Re:Hope’s Hope 1st July, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Church, Life, Prayer, Spirituality.

Hope Church BuildingThis is our church building. Our church – Re:Hope Next Generation Church (www.rehope.co.uk). And right at this moment our name is being put to the test. The building is going on the market. And we want to buy it. We don’t have a huge congregation… and we don’t have anywhere near the required income. And yet… we live in hope.

As you read this, we believe that God is inspiring people to donate money to the church. The team, who are all American, with the exception of me have been over in the States speaking to their supporters and churches about donating money towards the church.

Inspiried by a book called “Intercessor”, a biography of welsh missionary Rees Howells, we a living in HOPE.  We are trusting in God our provider.  The church could potentially come on the market at between £250,000 and £500,000.  And yet not one person in our church seems to doubt that it is possible.

Our prayer has been “God, if you want us to have this place, then we trust that you are our provider.  And if you don’t want us to have it, then make it clear.”

What a testimony this would be to name of God in Glasgow!  May his name be honoured by our ministry in Glasgow.  May lives be changed!!!


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