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Wrong Christians! 13th June, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Life, Spirituality.

Pope John Paul IIOk, so today I was in Starbucks and I got talking to a foreign girl.  She was very pleasant.  It turns out she is from Poland, and has had a couple of bad experiences with Scottish culture since she arrived.

We’re talking away, and we get onto the topic of what I do, and about the fact I’m speaking at church on Sunday.  She started asking me about what I was teaching on… very difficult to explain, because she is unfamiliar with the English translations of the biblical names, but I tried anyway.

So, then we got onto a conversation about her beliefs.  She is quite a devout Catholic.  I have always admired the Catholic people I know, and their discipline.

But this time, I’m not so sure.  As we were talking she came out with the most horrific statment ever.

“In Poland, we believe that John Paul II was a God”

SHOCK HORROR.  I think I may actually have fallen over.  So we’re talking some more, and I’m explaining to her that that’s very unbiblical, and quoting left right and center, when she politely corrects me and says I’ve misunderstood.  Feeling somewhat relieved she starts explaining what she meant, from the Book of the Revelation.

“In my country, because of what has happened since he died, we believe that He was Jesus, returned to the Earth”

So… The Second Coming has happened and noone knows about it?  I tried to explain that it’s impossible for that to be true, after all, where’s the “riding on clouds” and the “accompanied by choirs of angels” and the like.

But she wouldn’t accept my reasoning.  So after a lengthy discussion we parted company, and I prayed…  it went something like this.

“Father, I thank you for that meeting, and for that girl.  Open her eyes, as she has become blind.  Set her free from the lies that Satan is trapping her in, and wrap her in the truth”

I have always believed the Pope to be a very godly man, elected by the Catholic church as their head.  And it must take a great deal of character and godliness to get you up through the ranks of that faith, but this… was one step too far.

I continue to pray that God will free her from these lies, and I look forward to the next time I bump into her.

Father, keep my heart protected from bad theology.  May I always be rooted in your word.



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